Begin Learning Violin with Perfection

Learning Violin

Are you a music lover? If yes, then here is the good news for you. You can easily go ahead and live your passion for learning the violin with great ease. All you have to do is to follow some basic guidelines and start enjoying your process of learning.

There are several of advice that comes directly from the expert’s side that very well explains how you can succeed with your learning and what you can expect at the moment when you become efficient in learning the instrument.

For the beginners, here is the quick checklist of steps that need to be followed to attain perfection.

The Initial Steps to Play the Violin

As you are about to start playing the violin by yourself, here is the list of steps that could assist you perfectly to go ahead.

Start with Relaxing Your Mind and Body

Immediate step, to begin with, is to continue the process of relaxation throughout your body and mind. It is important as it will allow you to reduce the stress level from yourself. And the moment you make your mind and body relax, you can think about playing the instrument.

A stressed mind is not able to enjoy the music and the tension could easily be reflected in your playing too. Having relaxed muscles contribute much in making you create good music too. This is why, the first step, to begin with, is to relax and calm yourself.

Moreover, it will help you to be technically right too. The relaxed hand muscles will help in making you hold the instrument with great ease and will allow you to continue holding the instrument for a longer period of time without any unnecessary fatigue.

In case you are not able to relax, you can either do breathe in and breathe out exercise by your own or can start massaging your tensed muscles. This will help in easing out the tension to the maximum level and prepare you to begin the journey.

Holding and Positioning of the Violin

Now, when you are able to relax, you are almost ready to begin. The next thing you should try is to hold and position the violin in a proper position. If you are a first-time player, you must earn the perfection in it.

It is advised to bring the violin up and place it parallel to the floor on your shoulder. This is a starting position that should not be compromised at any cost. Make sure the only contact point of the violin must be to your chin and jaw. This position allows you to carry out the playing without any difficulty.

Keeping your head in the neutral position will help you to stay comfortable and easy withholding of the instrument. Moreover, you must try to hold the violin by its body rather than the neck. And it should be held on the left side only.

These above-said things will help you to make sure that you are on the right track and you are going to rock the instrument like a pro.

Holding the Bow

The very next step is to hold the bow of a violin. It is important to keep remembering that you are not supposed to hold the bow too tight. Neither you must hold it too loose. Both of them are considered to be wrong practices.

It should be held in between the two extremes to stay sure about the production of some melodious sounds at the hand. The main concept of holding the bow is to make sure a great power and sensitivity are being transferred. Moreover, it also helps in adding more of the flexibility in the fingers.

Greater flexibility is required to ensure good agility and proper weight control. These small steps play an important role in assuring that you are going on the right path and will soon be starting to play the instrument with great perfection.

You can start by placing the two middle fingers on the one side of the frog and then tucking the thumb on the curved portion of the frog. The best-called practice is that when you bend the index finger, you can get the hold of the instrument promptly. It will help in allowing you to flex and bow stroke the instrument with true power.

By repeated practices, you can start learning how to begin and it will make it easy for you to learn the next step also. Make sure you are in a habit of above- mentioned technique properly as it would help in allowing you to master the art. With time, you will learn to use it and know to hold the position with a correct posture.

By the time, you would realise that with the repeatedly holding of violin, you will get a great posture also.

Moving the Bow

Playing the violin is a smart act that asks for long practice and intense perfection. It is quite normal to take time to learn and follow the rules. Once you are confident withholding of the bow and the violin, the very next step is, to begin with moving the bow.

The bow works in accordance with the gravity. All you have to do is to go with the flow. There are certain techniques that ask for your perfection while playing it. These perfections do come but take some time.

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