Buy Weed Online the Legal and Safe Way


In California, cannabis is now legal for everyone older than 21-years of age, with a catch or two. Although the state is very behind schedule in getting the regulated market up and running, you are able to access high quality marijuana if you know where to look and what to do. A few pot shops are open to the public already; they are mostly located in dodgy areas and are far too busy to pop in quickly.

For this reason, online weed sales are skyrocketing. More and more people are choosing to buy weed over the Internet instead of worrying about insane traffic, surveillance cameras, unsafe areas, fuel costs, and dwindling inventory at the few open stores servicing absolutely everyone. Fortunately, marijuana delivery services take the hassle right out of it, easily, safely and legally

Buy Weed Online Legally

The law allows you to buy weed for personal use, but not from just anyone. Only licensed retailers can sell marijuana in California without breaking the law. It is still illegal to buy pot from the local street dealer or from an unlicensed store. You could still face charges if police catch you. Although such strict regulations may seem overkill for most, there are some major advantages to buying legally.

In order to get and keep an operating license, the state mandates all weed products undergo laboratory testing. This is to ensure consumers only get the highest quality weed and that it is free of toxins and pesticides. You can find the results of this testing on each product’s label, which will provide crucial data for you, such as THC levels, CBD content, potency, and more, provided you use a licensed website.

Buy Weed Online Safely

Cannabis delivery services offer the safest way to get your stash. You should receive your package within 45 minutes of checking out your order if you live in or near a city. If not, you will get it the next day. A driver will deliver it to you personally, right on your doorstep. There is no need for you to waste precious time and fuel risking your life to get pot in some of California’s most dangerous places.

There is no risk of a car accident dodging traffic. Likewise, officers cannot pull you over and arrest you for having weed on your passenger seat, which they most definitely will do if any of the products are open while you are driving. Your face will not be on camera, and if you use marijuana secretly, nobody else will ever know that you bought any. Such discretion is paramount for those paranoid about safety.


You can visit any licensed pot shop in the State of California with just an I.D. You will have plenty of products to choose from, but you will find a much larger selection online. The advantages of online cannabis shopping far outweigh any perceived benefits of visiting a store personally. You may not have budtenders to serve you, but there are greater experts available online to help and guide.