Recover faster from a C-section with Postpartum Girdles


A C-section might relieve you of labor pain, but the recovery isn’t really a smooth journey. You need to be careful about the kind of activities that you perform and the postures that you maintain. Swelling and pain are likely to occur and you definitely need something better than a pain killer to help you wade through this period. This is where abdominal compression garments come to the rescue.

There is a wide range of such garments available in the market. For those of you who have undergone a C-section, the most advisable compression garment is the girdle. Read on to know how this class of postpartum clothing benefits you.

How a compression girdle works

Present day postpartum girdles are made from medical grade material and hence aid recovery from childbirth faster, and in a healthy way. These garments are made of panels that draw in stretched abdominal muscles, compressing them in a mild way. They wrap around the belly, lower back, pelvis, and buttocks, thereby providing a 360° support structure. This helps in reducing the strain experienced around these areas, and help the uterus and other internal organs regain their pre-pregnancy form and position faster.

Types of postpartum girdles

While all compression girdle remains the same in design, they differ in the type of closure and their appropriateness of use, based on the nature of childbirth. A pull up girdle lacks closures, while a girdle with zipper includes a side closure. Both these designs are suited for use in case of natural childbirth, or once the C-section incision has healed. A regular corset features front closures that are adjustable, while a double corset features adjustable front closures as well as a side zipper. Both these designs are best suited for use immediately after a C-section.

The benefits of using a compression girdle

Using postpartum girdles after a C-section has many advantages. A few important ones are listed as follows.

•  Compression girdles provide support to the pendulous abdomen after delivery and helps the loose skin tighten properly.

•  They help straighten the spine which undergoes postural changes during pregnancy; from bearing the weight of the baby for a prolonged period.

•  The garments also provide support to the hips, legs and back, and help reduce the strain experienced in these areas.

•  The support offered by the compression girdles helps you maintain the right posture when performing different baby care activities. Right postures quicken healing and also make your everyday life easier.

•  Postpartum girdles aid lymphatic drainage and decrease the risk of fluid collection. This keeps swelling and painful postpartum days at bay.

•  The compression provided by these garments prevents enlargement of fatty cells, and your bloated belly from hurting the incision.

•  They help the uterus go back to its place and shape faster after delivery. They also support other internal organs, which have shifted or been constrained, to recover, and return to their pre-pregnancy locations during the first few weeks after the C-section.

•  They help reduce scar tissue and prevent it from tearing, thereby aiding speedy recovery after the procedure.

•  Postpartum girdles, by getting your body back into shape faster, aid you emotionally, and improve your confidence to a great extent.

Postpartum girdles play an important role in C-section healing, and thus, are must haves for mothers who are on their road to recovery after this procedure.


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