Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions – Jan-2018


QuickBooks is a very important tool for accounting professionals and businesses. It assists companies pay their employees, manage their money, and pay their necessary bills. But QuickBooks is even a quite difficult application. This difficulty indicates that QuickBooks is prone to having difficulties.

Here in this article we are sharing Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions. We wish these can assist you solve those problems in an efficient manner.

1: Facing problem in updating data file

It can be difficult. When you are trying to upgrade QuickBooks, most of the time data file of earlier version cannot be read in the latest version. So, the data file should be updated. Generally, it will happen throughout the installation and will need you create a backup first.

2: Facing problem in data file rebuilding

Most of the time, verified data still not upgrade to the latest version. So, you will need to use the older version again and do entire process of data rebuilding. Some users feel this is a simple. But when you are dealing with important files, it is really tough.

3: Connection missing to the data file

Probably, it is a common problem, and the most taxing to resolve. QuickBooks is particular about the data file network connection. In case there is the least hiccup in the network, your data file connection can be lost.

4: The QuickBooks reinstall not Successful

Whenever you want to install again QuickBooks, there is something you couldn’t hear about from Company: The perfect uninstall. Earlier than you do the process of reinstall, proceed and uninstall through standard methods. And also delete the C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX directory. REMEMBER: Take backup first.

5: In Multi-user Mode QuickBooks running slowly

It is even difficult as there can be different problems. In case you have hardware related problem, you can face data file issues. The quickest way to solving this is to utilize Clean Up Company Data tool.

6: Client machine unable to find data file

The very first thing is to confirm that the Server Manager is installed properly and running. In case that does not work, you need to map the drive and try to connect again.

7: Unable to find the licensing information

In case you have lost your documentation and unable to find your product/license numbers, you can find them by pressing [F2] or [Ctrl]1.

8: New printer unable to print

To solve this problem:

  1. Shut QuickBooks.
  2. Find qbprint.qbp.
  3. Rename it to qbprint.qbp.old.
  4. Start QuickBooks again and it will work.

9: Lost the admin password

Generally, it is not possible. But if lost actually, no need to take tension; you can get your password again through Automated Password Reset Tool.


Can’t Move or copy data file

  • Close your QuickBooks,
  • Go to Start > Run, enter services.msc,
  • Find QuickBooks services, and stop those two.
  • When stopped, you can copy and paste that particular file.

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