10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Kerala Away from Cosmopolitan Chaos

Top 10 Beautiful Lakes in Kerala

Kerala, the God’s own country is blessed with beautiful golden beaches,
amazing backwaters, tea gardens, wildlife, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, lofty mountain
ranges, powerful art forms, colourful flora and fauna. There is available best 10 most beautiful lakes in Kerala.

All 34 lakes in Kerala are blessed with water throughout the year, some with
fresh water and other with saline water. Is there’s anyone who can resist the
vacation in the cool waters of a placid lake and a stay in a houseboat while
enjoying the divine beauty around? Let’s have a look at the 10 most beautiful
lakes in Kerala away way from the chaotic city life.

1. Vembanad Lake

Vembanad is the longest lake in India and one of the most prominent & largest
in Kerala. The lake has both fresh as well as brackish water which is divided
into two parts by a saltwater barrier, one can easily notice the difference
between two types. Just sailing along the lake makes the trip incredible, with
the view of 3 beautiful districts surrounding the lake.

Beautiful Lakes in Kerala
Vembanad Lake

Also, you can enjoy the visit to renowned Kumarakom tourist village, situated
at eastern coast of the lake and the nearby bird sanctuary. If you want to enjoy
the real beauty of the lake, book your stay in houseboats and spend a day each
on 3 islands enjoying the amazing dining experience and awesome night stay in
houseboat amidst the captivating nature.

2. Vellayani Lake

A must whenever you are in Kovalam, the mythology behind the river says, the
river was formed when a thirsty beggar came and asked for some water from a
meditating saint. A road runs over the lake, splitting the lake into two beautiful
halves. Water in the lake is so clear, and surface is so calm that it shines like a
mirror during moonlight.

Beautiful Lakes in Kerala
Vellayani Lake

The sunset looks amazing from the lake with a thrilling mix of blazing colours
on its canvass. It is truly a heavenly experience that will leave you mesmerised.

3. Sasthamkotta Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Kerala, known as ‘Queen of Lakes’, the water is
so clean that it is used as a drinking water. An ancient temple Sastha is situated
in the banks of the lake, as per Hindu mythology Sastha is God who protects
good in Kaliyuga, lot of Hindus visit the temple to get his blessings.

Ashtamudi Lake
Sasthamkotta Lake

The lake offers a wonderful view of blue-green water surrounded by gigantic
hills that are blessed with diverse flora and fauna along with the vegetation
that includes some strange rare species. A perfect destination for nature
enthusiasts and people seeking an escape from the hassle of city life.

4. Ashtamudi Lake

Ashtamudi is situated in Kollam District with an area of 1700 Sq.km, it has
‘eight braids’ that’s why it is known as Ashtamudi (Ashta: ‘eight’; mudi: ‘hair
braids’) in Malayalam language. This lake is also known as gateway to the
backwaters of Kerala, a lush green land which is famous for its houseboats and
backwater resorts along with mineral rich water which is a home to 100
varieties of fish and water birds.

Beautiful Lakes in Kerala
Ashtamudi Lake

The picturesque lake tops the list of honeymooners because 8 ‘arms’ of the
lake are beautifully shaped like an octopus with a renowned 8-hour long
romantic, luxurious houseboat rides from Kollam city to Alappuzha.

5. Periyar Lake

The most attractive feature of Periyar Lake is its serenity, situated near Periyar
national reserve and park, it takes almost around 2 hours to explore the region
on a boat.

Beautiful Lakes in Kerala
Periyar Lake

Most of the wildlife enthusiast quench their thirst by climbing on the tiger trail,
the slow boating through the Periyar River is equally dazzling while witnessing
the rich vegetation that grips the surrounding curl of the hills. Also, elephants
bathing on lakeside is a very common view here.

6. Pookode Lake

Pookode is a scenic, natural fresh water lake nestled amidst lush green forests
and wooded slopes, situated in Wayanad. Pookode Lake is a most important
destination in the land of hills and valleys, famous for its remarkable sunrise
and sunset views. You can hire a pedal boat, go to children’s park, and enjoy
Handicrafts and Spices Emporium. While boating you can witness the monkeys
swinging on trees and if you are lucky, you will witness the herds of deer
grazing on the shore.

Beautiful Lakes in Kerala
Pookode Lake

The pleasing weather along with scenic beauty and mesmerising charisma of
the lake promises to make your tour, meticulously rejuvenating and
unforgettable experience.

7. Paravur Lake

Paravur Lake also known as Paravur Kayal is a small but beautiful lake, an
emerging tourist destination with most spectacular views situated in Kollam,
Kerala. The lake and sea-coast of Paravur are interconnected to the Arabian
Sea, adding to the magnetic aura of lake. A backwater cruise through this
lovely lake is a good and memorable idea.

Paravur Lake

8. Akkulam Lake

Among the most popular and peaceful lakes of Kerala, Akkulam Lake is one of
the most visited lake, that tops the list of travellers because of its pleasant
ambiance and unspoiled peaceful surroundings.

Akkulam Lake

For travellers seeking some solace in the lap of Mother Nature this lake is a
must, they can enjoy glistering water, serene environment and lush greenery
all around. Also, Akkulam Tourist village and Akkulam Boat Club are the famous
picnic spots that you can enjoy.

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9. Vadakkechira

Vadakkechira is one of the four oldest and famous ponds in Thrissur city,
Kerala. It was built by Shakthan Thampuran and considered as one of the
famous landmarks of Thrissur. It’s a heritage lake, home to many avian species
including small green barbe, white-breasted water hen, blue rock pigeon, pond
heron, white-browed wagtail, bronze-winged jacana, common kingfisher,
house sparrow, common myna, little cormorant, little grebe etc along with
exquisite flora and fauna.


10. Kayamkulam Kayal

Kayamkulam Kayal is also known as Kayamkulam Lake or Kayamkulam
EstuaryIs, a shallow saline water lagoon stretching between Panmana and
Karthikapally that drains in Arabian sea. The blue Arabian sea surrounded by
petit rural hamlets makes it a memorable experience. It’s one of the most
visited and admired lake among nature lovers.

Kayamkulam Kayal


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