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4 Tips to Keep Your Walnut Cabinets Sparkling Clean

Kitchen is the most important area of your home and a place where you’d help your kids with the homework and also host your friends and colleagues. A well-kept and clean kitchen serves as an inspiration to you and also shows your lifestyle. When you install new cabinets they immediately add to the décor. Walnut kitchen cabinets would be a wonderful addition to your kitchen as they are classy yet they look chic. It is important for you to spend time in cleaning these cabinets. It isn’t rocket science but simple way of doing things. So here we share four important tips that would help you keep your kitchen sparkling clean and serve as an inspiration for every person living in the house.

  1. Use mild cleaning products

If you don’t wish to damage your walnut kitchen cabinet you should be mindful about the cleaning product you are using. Abrasive cleaning products are often sold in the market promising you superior cleaning experience but you should never make use of them to prevent damage to the wood. In most cases your average detergent or dishwashing soap would do the job for you. They will help you get off most of the stains including greasy one. In case you are looking for commercial grade products it would be advisable for you to go for those cleaning products that are certified to be used over wood and doesn’t damage them.

  1. Don’t ignore daily care

One of the many reasons why walnut cabinets start to wear a worn out look is the ignorance of daily care. Surprisingly there are people who leave their beautiful cabinets lose their elegance in front of their eyes by not taking care of it on daily basis. If you are lazybones its time you get proactive in keeping your cabinets sparkling clean. The moment you spill or splatter something on the cabinet you should clean it immediately. Don’t let it dry or wait for another day as it is likely to leave behind ugly stains and spots. Use a soft cloth to wipe the place off or make use of a mild detergent.

  1. Beware of moisture

Nothing damages your kitchen cabinet as much as water and moisture. If you have bought discount kitchen cabinets made of walnut or any other wood you need to always beware of water and moisture. There are people who damage their cabinets by simply hanging wet dishcloth over them. This can cause irreparable damage when the wood starts soaking the water and the moisture. Get rid of this habit immediately. When you are cleaning your cabinet with soap and water make sure you use a cotton cloth or sponge which would sock the water. Clean the surface and all the sides of the cabinets again with another dry cloth. If the cloth turns moist you need to change it to avoid leaving moisture on the surface of the wood.

  1. Keep the top clean

If you thought you don’t need to keep the top of your cabinets regularly you are wrong. While you may spill a glass of milk or splatter oily veggies on the top they tend to gather dust and grease as time passes and can become an eyesore. You don’t need to start cleaning the top surface of the cabinets on a daily basis but you need to take up a vacuuming and cleaning on a regular basis and follow the same tips with soap and warm water.

Keep these four things in mind and you will be able to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and have the walnut kitchen cabinets serve you for a very long time.

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