5 Dog Pillow Beds Secrets You Never Knew



Dogs’ Pillow Beds offer a Cushioned-Comfortable-Resting or Sleeping-Time for a dog. Your dog builds strong bones and muscles because pillow bed for dogs offers support and protection to its muscles, joints and the whole body. Dog pillow beds are strictly built from a material that is soft for dogs which is long lasting and strong enough to impeccably handle the pressure from pooches with any size, height and shape. By even a look at the dog pillow bed they are appealing to the eye, formidable, easy to clean and maintain and portable.

DOG PILLOW BEDSDog pillow beds are made and sold with a removable bed cover that is from a non-skid material. They have a stable base that enhances stability and comfort to the dog while lying on it due to dog’s different sleeping postures without tumbling down. It is necessary for a dog pillow bed to have a lining that is waterproof. This basically keeps the dog warm and smelling fresh. Dog beds are a great innovation since your dog will not have to sleep or rest in your bed.


For convenience and a strategy to accommodate the ever changing market demands, dog pillow beds are made in different designs, shape, colors and sizes.

Some of the dog pillow beds include:

  1. Tattoo designs

Examples of tattoo dog pillow beds;’

  • The Lunarable tattoo dog pillow bed
  • The ambesonne tattoo dog pillow bed
  • cave like Mud Cloth Style Snuggle tattoo dog pillow bed
  • Memory foam designs

Memory foam design is branded in different brands. This design is made with cushioning materials  with a lot of fiber that makes it  feel like a spring sort of.

They include;

  • The indigenous Tucker Murphy memory foam dog pillow bed.
  • Tutami memory foam dog pillow bed.
  • Luxury square memory dog pillow bed.
  • The Laifug Orthopedic memory foam dog pillow bed
  • Rolls-Royce branded memory foam dog pillow bed.
  • Perfusion design

Petfussion design is a distinct design of a dog pillow bed. It resembles a shape of a cuboid that is on three of its sides and one side left open. Literally looks like a cuboid dog ‘house’. Brands of the Petfussion dog pillow bed include;

  • Better Lounge Petfussion bed.
  • Corner Petfussion dog pillow bed.
  • Ultimate Pet Fusion dog pillow bed.
  • The Petfussion Extra-large dog pillow bed.
  • Rolls-Royce brand of Pet Fusion bed.
  • Wooden dog pillow bed

Typically, these are dog pillow beds that are made of wood. Wood is manipulated into various forms and shapes giving out definitive dog pillow bed designs. They include;

  • The shaker style wood framed bed.
  • DIY wooden dog pillow bed.
  • Letto day wooden bed.
  • Pallet wooden dog pillow bed.
  • Oasis Rattan wooden dog pillow bed.
  • Rustic wooden dog pillow bed.


A dog bed is not any exception from your bed. It has to be cleaned and maintained. It is obvious that if the dog bed is not maintained there will be a stench in the house. Through cleaning of dog pillow bed, spreading of dog’s hair to surfaces it might stick for long is curbed and prevented.

  • Cleaning your dog pillow bed can be done through vacuuming. This help to clean of debris, dog’s fur and other dirt.
  • If your dog’s pillow bed is removable it is best you remove it and wash it from outside in a specific basin. It is advisable to wash the lining of a dog pillow bed alone.
  • Use hot water to kill and insect and pest on the dog bed.
  • In case your dogs’ pillow bed doesn’t have a lining that is removable follow the washing guidelines of the manufacturer.
  • Use detergent that is made purposely for pets and one that is safe for dogs to avoid the sensation on dog’s skin.
  • After washing the dog’s laundry, it is advisable to dry it completely dry it. Also airing is advisable before getting it into the house.
  • It is advisable to use the pet dryer that is safe for pets to air the dog’s bed and sheets to avoid the sensitive static energy feeling on dog’s skin.
  • Regular fumigation of the dog pillow bed is advised.


There is a lot of convenience in market for Dog pillow beds since they are presented in many designs. This is a wise strategy and idea since there a lot of underlying physical factors to consider before getting a pillow bed for your dog. These factors include:

  • To compliment your home aesthetics especially the color contrast and design.
  • According to the size of space available in the house.
  • According to the breed of a dog or even dogs you have.
  • Referring to your financial budget.
  • According to the stage of your dogs. Can be young vulnerable or an adult.
  • According to your lifestyle and your social class. This distinguishes who gets te exclusive one and the common one.


One can get a wooden frame of a dog pillow bed from a local carpenter then hustle for fiber cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable. To avoid the tussle and hustle of all this which could make one incur an extra cost, it recommended to get one from the online e retail shops. This is convenient since there is an exhibition of variety that one can pick from as per one’s requirements and personal judgement. Also one picks from a supplier of choice.

One can buy the dog pillow bed from;


Dogs sleep close together crunching their pooch like a package. Due to their naturally trait a dog pillow bed is recommended since it gives the dog best ventilation needed while resting or sleeping. In addition, while looking for a pillow bed for your dog it is advisable to pick one whose material is made of canvas, nylon, rip stop and jeans since they are strong and durable.