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5 Important Tips for Travel to India

You will constantly encounter the unexpected because ways of doing things are often completely different than what you are used to and things changes without notice. There are inevitably plenty of challenges, but that’s part of the adventure. Most of the people follow Top Travel blogs 2019 for Travel update and Travel tips.

Try to have an Easygoing Attitude

Don’t hold on to the idea that things have to be as you expect them to be. Don’t mistake inflexibility for strength. Be willing to change your plans according to changing circumstance. Take it as it comes. You can hardly spend a day in India without encountering something you have never seen or imagined in your life, which can be a great delight- through it can that no matter how carefully you arrange everything, India loves to get creative with your plans. Try to regard the unexpected as an adventure or a challenge rather than as an obstacle.

Keep your Sense of Humor

You need a sense of humor to get along well anywhere, and this is also true in India. Yours sense of humor will be challenged often, to be sure. Try to laugh at yourself whenever you make a mistake, but try to avoid laughing at other people, it’s much better to laugh with them instead, and you will make many more friends that way. Just remember that almost everything is funny once enough time has passed… all yours trials and tribulations will make for great travel stories when you return home.

Keep your Perspective

Since you are from another country and where able to buy a ticket to get here- which cost more than many Indians make in a year-you will inevitable be seen as a wealthy person, especially by people on the lower rungs of the economic scale. In comparisons with the majority of Indians, who struggle to live on less than $2 a day, even the poorest foreigner is affluent. It is impossible to avoid being overcharged at times, especially since the government actively promotes the idea that foreigners should pay more for everything. But, if you can avoid taking this personally, you will have an easier time here, non-Indians in general, but especially westerns, are perceived as being wealthy even if they are dressed in rags. No matter how poor you feel or how tight your budget is, you are still relatively affluent compared inmost Indians. Check out Travel blog 2019.

Open your Mind

When you come with an open mind, you will be greatly rewarded, don’t be judgmental. Try to be aware of your own culture biases and realize that they don’t apply here. Leave your prejudices back home. Don’t try to change the culture. Don’t try to convert everyone to your way of thinking and doing things. Do your best to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, no matter how much you disagree with them. If you come with the ideas that your culture is the only right way, way might as well stay home. A cocky attitude is of absolutely no use in getting to know another culture. Culture Differences inevitably create many aggravations and conflicts, so try your best to avoid getting angry when things don’t work the way you expect. If you make an effort to under-stand the motivations of the face people in doing whatever it is you need, you may find yourself getting less annoyed.

Open your Heart

Indians are among the most warm-hearted, hospitable, friendly people on earth, and it’s usually very easy to make friends with them. If you open your heart to those you meet, you’ll find friends to treasure for your whole life and perhaps a “second family” that you will want to visit again and again over the years. Since interpersonal relationships are primary in Indian Culture, without and open heart, you can’t even begin to get beyond the surface values of India. The best of India is only available to those with open hearts, open mind and a respectful attitude.

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