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5 Office Interior Design Trends of a Post-COVID You Should Try

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Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and changed the way we will work in the future. Namely, it made us rethink all of our business decisions, including those regarding office spaces. Cubicles, small conference rooms, and overall office designs we used to work in may undergo serious remodeling.

What’s more, it is very likely that they will eventually be fully replaced with new designs. Are you wondering how you can improve your office design without breaking any COVID safety regulations? If you are, we have a few suggestions that will create both a modern and safe working environment.

Offices with larger desks

One of the first things to improve in the post-COVID office design is a desk. Namely, as the technology gadgets got smaller, so did the office desks. However, today, when social distancing is everyone’s number one priority, larger desks will start trending.

The more spacious and robust design will allow for the six-feet distance with minimal inconvenience. Furthermore, larger desks will be used to accommodate more than one employee as well. However, where you used to see six people share a desk, now you’ll be able to see a maximum of two. Workstation enclosures in the form of see-through partitions or glass separators will start trending after the COVID pandemic.

The screen panels will allow people to communicate without ever having to touch or breathe on one another. Forget about shared workstations, and think about having hot desks wherever possible.

Keep the open floor plan

In previous years many businesses chose open floor plan as the ideal workplace design. Limiting the number of door handles people have to touch will be the biggest advantage of this design after Covid-19. To make the workstations more private, employers may decide to install glass partitions with motorized blinds. That will allow the employees to isolate themselves whenever needed.

Additionally, if you maybe decide to have glass walls, you’ll see that motorized blinds for offices can come in really handy to add privacy. Open breakout points conducive to collaboration are another one of the potential features of future open floor plan designs. Modified furniture placement in breakout zones will be trending too. That will enable the needed distance and prevent COVID from spreading any further.

Smaller distributed offices

Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we work today and will affect the future of many jobs. One of the drastic changes regarding office designs will include breaking one large office space into several smaller ones. Namely, the headquarters we used to know is likely to become less popular. It will be replaced by smaller office sections that will be closer to employees’ homes. Therefore, instead of having 1000 people under one roof, you’ll have only 100 people divided strategically into several smaller office units.

The need for more handwashing facilities

While we used to see washbasins only in bathrooms, it’s highly likely that offices introduce hand-washing stations elsewhere too. One of the best locations will be at the very entrance of the building. That will enable everyone to have their hands washed and clean immediately after entering the office.

Moreover, they’ll be able to stay germ-free even after leaving the building. They’ll be able to wash their hands on their way out too. Furthermore, you’ll start seeing sanitizers and hand-washing facilities that are easily accessible, near commonly used areas.

Eliminating physical touchpoints

Contactless operation is the future. Namely, you should look for ways to eliminate the necessity for physical touch. From doorknobs to hand sanitizers, light switches, and window openings, modernize the office so that everything can be done remotely. Introduce hand sanitizers with sensors, and doors that open on their own. Doors that open via an app is another good idea.

Have you ever thought about installing foot-activated elevator buttons? What about voice-activated lights, taps, and blinds? Another way to prevent physical touch without being able to stay six feet away from each other is to have dividers between all face-to-face desk. Consider organizing the space in such a way that people are sitting side-by-side. Alternatively, instead of sitting face-to-face, they can face away from each other. 

Final thoughts

We’re facing one of the most challenging years in history. That’s why we’ll need to learn to adjust our lives and the way we work. Covid-19 has shown that we’ll need to learn more about work practices and how we’ll work in the future. From embracing new habits upon arriving to work to behaving differently and more responsibly as we work – the workplace and life at work as we know will need to change drastically.

We have suggested a few options that will certainly help you improve the workflow while also preventing further contamination. Therefore, make sure you implement them and see your business thrive once again.

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