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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buy Property in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known as one of the IT hubs of India and is responsible for steady economic growth, which has, in turn, generated a lot of employment. As Bengaluru continues to grow, it is easy to see that it makes sense to invest in property here. But, as purchasing property is a huge investment, it is essential that you make no mistakes, and ensure that your investment is risk-free.

A new apartment is a major place which normally takes up the greater part of your life funds. Calculate your financial plan before house-chasing! In the event that you’ve chosen an area, you might want to buy the level in, Be knowledgeable about the present market costs before contributing. Prior to settling the property, ensure that you think about all the extra costs. Other than the value paid to the developer for the flat the extra expenses incorporate. At the point when the area of an apartment is said, you may be anxious to realize that you’re getting a roomy loft at an incredible cost. All things considered, there are three diverse zone terms you have to comprehend before proceeding with the property buy.

Following these steps will ensure that you go about investing in a house for sale in Bangalore correctly.

Determine the Ideal Location

The location is one of the most important factors when it comes buying property in Bengaluru. You must look at localities that will offer appreciation in the future. In addition, they should offer amenities and have good connectivity. North Bangalore is said to be an ideal location to live in, in this regard. Optionally, you can choose areas like Electronic City, and Whitefield if you work in the IT sector or in MNCs to cut down on the commute. If you want a higher standard of living, add older areas such as Koramangala, Jayanagar, and Ulsoor to your list.

Look For the Best Builders and Projects

Since a home costs several lakhs, if not crores, it is imperative that you choose a reliable, trusted builder with years of experience such as Prestige, Brigade, Sobha and Bhartiya Group. For instance, Bhartiya Group is known for its 125-acre smart township, Bhartiya City, in Hebbal. Such builders are trustworthy and have several projects for you to choose from as per your locality and size preferences. Since properties from these builders can be expensive, you can also consider homes from the Mahaveer Group and Purvankara Group if you’re on the hunt for a more affordable property to invest in. Shriram Greenfield is one of the best options in Bangalore as compared to other cities.

Know the Total Area as Well as Additional Costs

You must know whether the price that you are going to pay for an apartment or property is in line with space or area that you are getting in exchange. Compare properties of similar size within the locality to get a fair idea. Typically, the price of the land is based on its super built-up area, which is some of the carpet area of the apartment as well as the space taken up by walls and the balcony. Once you know the carpet area and the super built-up area, also look into the stamp duty and registration charges, charges for a parking space in the building, etc. This will give you an idea of the total expenditure that you have to incur.
You can contact Bajaj Finserv’s Home and Loans to make the process simpler. They offer assistance for site visits, matters of finance as well as documentation. With help from Bajaj Finserv, you can rest assured that you aren’t making any mistakes while buying property in Bengaluru.

Don’t Fall for a Marketing Gimmick

If you are not likely to travel frequently, buying a property near the airport won’t be as useful to you, as one that is close to your workplace and your child’s school. Similarly, if a builder is offering you an apartment at throwaway prices, don’t take it at face value. Do your due diligence to ensure that you’re not choosing a property for such reasons alone. Verify all information that you receive from the builder, make sure that you aren’t falling prey to a marketing gimmick and above all, prioritize your needs first. If you can wager a good deal that caters to your interests, so be it. However, refrain from letting deals and offers to guide your investment.

Keep these steps in mind when purchasing property in Bengaluru. Instead of compromising on amenities and on the size of the property, make use of a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan of up to Rs.10 crore, and buy the home of your choice without any financial strain.

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