5 Tips for choosing a Hoverboard

fastest hoverbaord

For some years now, the hoverboard has taken over the streets of our cities, just like the Segway and other electric scooters. Appearing as a joke, this convenient mode of transportation is actually quite easy to learn and is becoming more and more popular. And not just young teens!

As often, the object has greatly benefited from the promotion of stars like Justin Bieber or Chris Brown who posted on social networks short videos of them in action, thus making it popular. Since then, the success of the hoverboard has not been denied.

According to the BuzzFeed news site, in November 2015 in the United States, a hoverboard was sold every two minutes. Black Friday, 1500 copies were sold in minutes from midnight in United States!

fastest hoverbaord

So, if you too, you want to put on the hoverboard, here are the 5 criteria to pay attention before any purchase.

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But first, what is a hoverboard?

In short, what is a hoverboard? It is a motorized board mounted on two wheels, whose direction and speed are controlled by the pressure exerted by the feet and the inclination of the body – good, some even found a solution to transform the machine into an electric kart.

Unlike the famous Segway, the hoverboard does not have handlebars, the hands are completely free. The machine can roll in grass and gravel but is more suited to urban land, it is the main use that is made of it: it can climb small sidewalks by getting you to work.

Any shoes fit on a hoverboard, including heels, which one imagines yet little adapted to the practice! It is also distinguishable from the Megawheels (Segway or Megawheel) which has only one wheel framed by two footrests.

Now that you understand what a hoverboard is, here are the 5 criteria not to be overlooked at the time of purchase.

The 5 points to check when you want to buy a hoverboard

  1. Motherboard and battery

On your future hoverboard, pay close attention to the motherboard and the battery. The gigantic price variations – from 100 to 1000 $ – of the product depend mainly on the origin, the capacity and the quality of these two elements: prefer a big brand (Samsung, LG) for the battery (beware of counterfeits and doubtful sites) and avoid poor quality red motherboards. We will value a blue for acceptable quality, a green for excellent quality. To check for yourself, and see the map, be aware that the hoverboard can be dismantled without much difficulty.

hoverbaord battery

  1. The chassis

The quality of the chassis is another criterion to take into account: the hoverboard is suitable for all age groups and can support a load of about 100kg (sometimes 120kg) for an adult model and about 60kg for a child model. Depending on your weight, check the quality of the chassis, which sometimes breaks in the center for the top-priced models.


  1. What price for a good hoverboard?

It takes about 500 $ for a product of very good quality, but be careful not to pay too much for a midrange device.

  1. The capacity of the engines

Obviously, it is essential to check the capacity of your two engines: ideally, each must operate at 350 watts minimum. Some low-cost products have become sadly famous for spontaneous combustion. At issue, lithium batteries, a highly flammable and dangerous material, to the point that some airlines now prohibit the transport of these devices within aircraft. There too, beware of the mini prices.

  1. The options

Several are available to you: the inclusion of Bluetooth technology to listen to the music, the color of the LEDs that adorn it, the remote control ignition. Finally, keep in mind that the device weighs around 10 kilos, so plan to buy a hoverboard bag to carry it by hand or to avoid dust (count about 30 euros). Finally, avoid leaving the device in charge too long: two or three small hours are enough.

Where to test a hoverboard before buying it?

For those who want to try the machine before jumping into the water, it is possible to rent in some major cities, to go for walks and even sports: the “e -hockey “was created especially to play with a hoverboard by Insolites Board. All levels are welcome and the material is provided. Note that the company also offers rental hoverboard and “urban hikes”.

Finally, large retailers such as Decathlon can also allow putting feet on a board. Convenient for the first contact and see if you keep in balance, but difficult to get an opinion on such a small area!