5 Tips to Store Garments Properly


If you are preparing for a change in weather, it is the time to reorganize your wardrobe as well. It is quite daunting to store off-season garments safely and properly to avoid any damage occurring to them. Garments, especially the delicate ones are prone to insects, mildew, and molds. Hence, you must prepare them well for storage and use proper garment storage bags for this purpose. Following some simple tips will keep your clothes in excellent condition till the time you will unpack them for using again.

1.  Wash The Clothes Properly Before Storing :

Always remember that if you skip this step, you may put your clothes at a risk of dampened stains and dirt marks. Also, cleaning of clothes reduces the attacks from moths and insects. Hence, prefer washing all your off-season clothes properly before storing them in garment storage bags. Also, remember to wash them according to manufacturer’s instructions to maintain their texture.

2.  Do Not Use Mothballs :

Contrary to the traditional beliefs, mothballs are not the only effective way of protecting your valuable garments, especially the woolens. In fact, they are not 100% safe and effective. Using mothballs can be detrimental and risky, if you have small kids and pets around. Secondly, they smell terrible and you have to wash your clothes again before wearing to remove this odor. Here, cedar or lavender blocks can be used as an alternative. They smell great and are equally effective as camphor or mothballs.

3.  Prefer Clean and Dry Place :

Not only clean and dry, but also a cool and dark place should be preferred for storing off-season garments. The place should have controlled climatic conditions to prevent any type of damage. Ensure that the place should have a maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius with a lower relative humidity. It should be clean from dirt and corrosive elements. Always avoid keeping these garments stored in garage, attic, or basement. Remember this specifically while storing the heirloom garments including your wedding dress.

4.  Never Use Plastic Bags and Containers :

Although they are a cheaper and easily available alternative, you should completely refrain from using plastic bags for storage. These bags trap the humidity inside and cause formation of mildew, fabric discoloration, and mold. Similarly, cardboard boxes aren’t a useful storage solution. You must choose proper garment storage bags to ensure complete protection of your clothing from such nasty elements.

5.  Use High-Quality Garment Storage Bags :

If you will wisely use the right storage bags for your off-season garments, you can save them from many probable threats. There are many manufacturers offering high grade bags integrated with advanced techniques that ensure acid free and moisture-proof packing. These garment storage bags should be made from quality materials that are non-toxic, clean, and airtight. They should prevent airborne pollutants, sunlight, dirt, insects, and mold from reaching the clothes.

By using these tips for storing garments during the off-season, you can surely elongate their lifetime and maintain their beauty forever.


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