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7 Golden Rules to Prepare for UPSC Coaching in Delhi

UPSC exams are considered as one of the toughest and most challenging examinations out of all the other competitive exams out there. The reason behind this is simple as the syllabus is so vast that the applicants have a hard time preparing for all the factors that they need to found aid within the actual examination phase. Thus, finding the perfect advice is one of the quintessential aspects that one needs to work upon as soon as they come up with the thought of preparing for IAS Coaching in Delhi.

So, in order to help all of the new as well as old candidates out there, here are the 7 basic as well as golden rules that you must consider while preparing for UPSC exams in order to get the best results:

  • Essay writing practice

    Practising how to write an effective, descriptive as well as an essay carrying a clear sense of idea is very important. Now, this is something that is not as easy as anyone thinks. The reason behind this is simple as we first have to skip all the ideas that we have studied till now in our education system and then have to learn a new pattern as well as a writing style that is accepted as well as expected by the Examination board which is UPSC itself.


  • Solve previous paper

    Every year, UPSC brings in new surprises in the exams and this is something that has become a pattern as of now. So, it is for the best that an applicant goes through the changes as well as types of questions that were in the Indian Administrative services examinations in the previous years. Some of the advantages that practising this activity will offer you is that you will get a lot familiar with the changes and won’t freak out in the exams and also you will be able to cover a long list of question patterns while doing so.


  • Solve Mock Papers

    Whether it be IAS exams or any other competitive examination conducted in India, solving mock papers is one of the best practices that one can muster. Doing this will help you to cover up a lot of syllabi while analysing the exams post attempting them. Thus, you will be covering up a vast amount of useful syllabus without even having to look for it yourself. UPSC Coaching in Delhi like EDEN IAS have one of the best mock sets in their course, so do check that out.


  • Read Newspapers

    When it comes to UPSC or any other nation-level exams, Newspapers are one of the biggest allies that a person could ask for. This is because not only this is a great habit that one should have and must have whether they are preparing for exams or not but also these set of media offers a lot of knowledge as well as current affairs which would have taken you quite a while to find on your own.


  • Dive into NCERTs

    NCERTs from class 6th to 12th are considered to be super effective for those who want to crack UPSC exams in one go. This is because of a simple reason that the basics which one can cover in these books are quite important for actual exams. Moreover, most of the questions are framed in order to test the candidate’s knowledge of fundamentals. So, with the help of this fundamental knowledge, one can leave a lasting impression on the examiners.


  • Cite actual sources

    Most of the times the pieces of information that you study on the internet is not perfect and moreover, their credibility is one such aspect that no one can answer definitely. But, when you get into the practice of citing the original sources, you will quickly see that your pond of knowledge will be filled with genuine factors.


  • Fighting Spirit

    Competition exams which are conducted by UPSC are so dominating that they take a heavy toll on the person who is giving their all to crack the exams. So, one thing that you need to make sure that you do is to keep a cool head and have faith in your abilities.

So, if you have already enrolled in an IAS Coaching in Delhi, then aspects related to the syllabus are not something that you have to deal with. Thus, make sure to follow the rest basics till the very end of the examination cycle and you will see crack IAS exams with flying colours.

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