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7 Tips for Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

When you are arranging bigger events, it is important that you should be able to communicate your messages to the group.

However, even smaller events need to have great audio-visual equipment to engage in the talk and must not be distracted by technology. In London, renting AV equipment is a bit frustrating and seem messy & problematic.

Here are some tips that make you feel great to choose the best audio visual hire.

Visit the Company:

When you visit the best sound provider in London, you are going to be able to find out more about the company than you can get via email or phone calls. It is important to see how the company treats visitors and, more importantly, how the company treats and stores its equipment. A more organized storehouse is more likely to deliver what they are supposed to. The same thing is true for the company’s delivery vehicles.

Find out about Bonding:

Audio video equipment rental may not seem to need bonding and insurance. However, if you are going to have the company set the equipment up and take it down, you need to make sure that any accidents that happen are covered under the AV company’s insurance and not yours. A good bonding will help cover you if one of the employees decides to steal or does damage to your property.

Negotiate the Price:

Like everyone else, AV providers in London have slow times. They also want to be able to ensure future income. If you know when there are slow times are, it makes you able to negotiate a better deal than if your event happens at peak usage times. In addition, if you are arranging multiple events, you may be able to set up a 3- to a 5-year contract that enables you to get a less expensive rate and lock it in for a certain time period.

Read the Contract:

Of course, when you have a contract for AV rental in London, make sure to read it more than once so that you can understand all of the terms and conditions written in the contract. A contract should be transparent to spell out your obligations and payment rate, as well as the AV company’s obligations. If you don’t like something written in the contract, ask the company if you can make amendments to the contract. Have trust, it’s all a negotiation, so know what you can compromise on and what your deal breakers are.

Inspect the Equipment:

When you get involved with AV rental equipment, make sure to check the equipment before the event takes place. Once the technicians set it up, it is essential that the wires and cords are in good working order and that the sound and visual work properly. This is especially important if you are going to set up the equipment by yourself. An important thing you want to have happened is to have something break that you are not able to fix. Or maybe you have the equipment that may fail in the beginning because someone forgot to plug something incorrectly. Hiring an AV professional, you are protecting yourself, your event, and the AV company from future headaches.


Make sure the audio-visual providers in London you consider have extensive experience providing, setting up, and operating the equipment you need. You want everything to be perfect because nothing would be worse than cutting corners and ending up with equipment that doesn’t work when you need it the most. An experienced and professional company will be absolutely committed to the success of your event, whatever it may be. You should be confident the company’s staff has set up dozens of events or even more just like yours.

Full Services

Sound Equipment Hire London is more than just providing rental equipment. A professional company offers complete set-up and take-down services for your peace of mind and convenience depending upon your choice to need it. You will be at complete peace of mind about setting the equipment up wrong or deal with equipment not working. Even if you yourself set-up the equipment, the company should be available to answer any questions you might come across at any time.

An experienced and expert audio-visual production company is more than the equipment it provides. With a great company, its staff works hard to make sure your event turns out exactly the way you want it to and for a price you can afford. The next time you need to rent audio visual equipment in London, stick to these tips, and you can’t go wrong.


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