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A Guide To Cartier Watches: The Best Ones To Buy

Cartier is not a new name when it comes to excellent timepieces. The watchmaker, or the ‘Maison’ as they like to call it, is full of unique, technologically sound, and complication-equipped watches that can make even the best names in horology envious. The question that matters here is how do you pick the best ones?

Santos Dumont

The Santos Dumont is a legendary watch that carries with it the very pride of Cartier’s watchmaking skills. It was technically the first men’s wristwatch that was ever worn by a man, and that too a pretty popular one. Alberto Santos Dumont, the Brazilian inventor after whom the watch was named was the first one to sport this watch in front of hundreds of people while completing the first ever recorded flight. Today, the watch sports the ever-classic Santos design with an ultra-efficient automated Quartz movement at its core. Keeping the vast amount of heritage attached to this timepiece in mind, this definitely is one of the best Cartier watches of all time.

Santos de Cartier

Following closely behind is the Santos de Cartier, a watch that is nothing short of a global phenomenon today. The watch’s core design has been constant the whole time. Since the day the idea of the Santos was conceived, its design codes have been kept pristine and unhindered. One can say that the Santos, along with Tank, is the very face of Cartier watches for men. The modern-day Santos consists of features such as new in-house manufactured Cartier automatic movements, the iconic rectangular bezel with visible crews, a curvier case, and a newer larger size called the ‘large’ size.

Drive de Cartier

This relatively newer member of the Cartier watch family is a bit different from its cousins. The Drive was released in 2016 with the aim of delivering a sportier and a rather casual looking watch for people who could not relate to the Santos or the Tank. The essential characteristics in the watch such as Roman numeral time markers and blue steel hands have been kept the same. Additional sportier features such as retrograde seconds, a time zone display, day/night display, and a larger date display have also been included.

Tank de Cartier

The Cartier Tank needs no introduction. The watch is a legend and according to some it single-handedly won the market for Cartier watches for men and women. Over the years, the watch has been reinvented multiple times and every single time it was able to strike the right chord with watch enthusiasts and patrons. The watch features classic watch design codes such as a curved rectangular case, almost like a Cintree figure. The Roman numeral hour markers and understated Cartier aesthetics are a staple in this collection as well.

Cle de Cartier

The Cle de Cartier is a different breed of watches altogether under the Cartier banner. The case manages to tell a tale of Cartier’s past. The architectural codes of the watch are similar to the designs that the brand launched in the late 1960s and the 70s. In a nice and neat trick, the brand delivers a large yet not too out of bounds watch that does not get lost and stands its ground, or you know, wrist. The show stopper is definitely the crown that is different from all the existing Cartier watches. The crown is an ingot shaped structure with a fitting sapphire cabochon.

As mentioned earlier, the watch was launched in 1967 but it has been remade many times in order to keep the legend alive. In its debut year, the timepiece was released in just 334 pieces, with 267 pieces with a gold bracelet and 67 pieces in gem embedded bracelets.

In 2015, Cartier watches for men came up with the Crash Skeleton that showcased the 9618 MC mechanism. The Crash Radieuse, on the other hand, comes with a manually wound 8970 MC movement that is essentially a modified Jaeger LeCoultre 846. Operating at a VPH of 3 Hz, the movement is a pretty decent choice. The timepiece sports a leather strap and exhibits a water resistance of 30 meters. Cartier watches price and details can be discussed all day long, but if you are looking for the best watches to invest in right now, these are definitely the ones.

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