A Look at the History of a Very Interesting Company – WonderBra

Wonderbra Lingerie Canada

Wonderbra is one of the most well known bra brands in Canada and beyond. Perhaps you already know about this particular brand or you have only heard its name. In this article, we shall learn about the history of the Wonderbra brand in brief.

Overview :

The Wonderbra company shot to fame in the 1990s as one of the very first proponents of underwire brassiere. It gained worldwide prominence quite fast due to the quality and range of its products. The brand itself was developed in the country of Canada but the name was trademarked in the USA first in 1955. The company was trademarked for Canada in 1939 by Moses Nadler who was the majority owner of the company known as Canadian Lady Corset Company. The Canadian Lady Corset Company came to be known as Wonderbra in Canada in 1960. In the very next year in 1961, the model 1300 was introduced by the company and it was one of the best plunge pushup bra on the market. This particular bra became so famous in Canada that it proved to be a bestseller style, more identical with the bras today that that of that contemporary period.

The company’s name was changed to Canadian Lady-Canadelle Inc yet again in 1968 when it was sold to Consolidated Foods or the now-Sara Lee Corporation. Soon, it was changed to Canadelle Inc. In the 1970s, the products were changed considerably, created and marketed as sexy and fashionable, which reflected positively on the brand. Soon, Wonderbra became the leader in its market segment.

In the 1990s, it became very popular in the UK although it was first introduced in the 1960s Later on, in 1994, the Wonderbra started offering a full range lingerie fashion label and marketed its products to most countries of the world. The brand today is synonymous with positive sex appeal which is the image the company wanted to build all along. However, in Canada itself, the company markets its wonderbra lingerie in Canada as functional.

Wonderbra as it was originally

In the past, the avatar of the Wonderbra was considerably different. The time was before the WWII. There were still tensions in Europe and beyond when people feared an oncoming war. At that time, elastic materials were almost unavailable and rationed off. An unknown pilot from Israel developed an improved C cup having a diagonal slash. This development offered more freedom and comfort and thus improved on the existing products on the market. The term Wonder Bra was coined by the same person in 1935.


At first, the advertising regarding bras were very discreet, sometimes even symbolic. Perhaps, the target audience was not yet ready for bold advertisements, and thus lingerie and bra were “unmentionables”. Wonder Bra changed the perception although it took time. It promoted its products as luxury items, which they really were, and as icons of feminine sex appeal. The company’s goal was to encourage to see the bra as a cosmetic and beauty enhancer and not as a functional garment.

The story of the Wonder Bra is colorful and instructive, and interesting beyond all. Even today, you can get high-quality luxury wonderbra lingerie in Canada.