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Are Banner Signs Still Relevant For Advertising?

In the present digital era where everything is present online, most businesses think that banner signs are outdated. However, some big brands still use banner signs for promotion of their products, services, and events. Most people believe that the use of traditional signage is in contrast with the digital ways of advertising.

However, banner signage still holds its relevance and importance in the advertising of products, services, and brands. Not only they advertise your business but also support the digital marketing campaigns to boost their performance and increase sales.

Banner signs like vinyl banners and vehicle wraps can help the startups to show their presence to potential customers. Moreover, both startups and established businesses can use banner signs for promotion of the brand, products, and services. Lets us check out how banner signs are still relevant for advertising.

Brand Awareness

The most important task for a startup is to spread brand awareness among people. Most people like to buy from a business they know well and trust. Therefore, before selling a product or service through advertising, it is essential to promote your brand. Banner signs help businesses to create brand awareness among people and potential customers.

Targeting an audience

Banner signs are best to target a local audience as you can install them in a location whose people you want to target. Businesses can target the people living in a particular place by advertising through banner signs in that area. With other types of advertising media like TV and radio where it is difficult to target local traffic, banner signs are a great way to do the same.


Banner signs are versatile, and you can create them in any shape and size. Vinyl banners are the most versatile as they can be created in small and large sizes. Moreover, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. This versatility of usage is not available in other forms of marketing and advertising techniques.

Moreover, with the availability of advanced imaging and printing technology, it is possible to create any graphic designs on banners. Billboards and vinyl banners can display images that seem real and three dimensional to create a significant effect on the viewers.

Durable and continuous

Banner signs like billboards, mesh banners, and aluminum banners are durable and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. The harsh sun and rains do not destroy them. The mesh banners can also tolerate winds, and they continue to advertise your business regardless of the weather conditions. Banner signs are a continuous form of advertising, and you can install them in locations with extreme conditions. The advanced imaging and printing technologies used by signage companies do not allow them to fade in any condition and they continue to advertise your products and services until you replace them.

Return on Investment

The best benefit of using banner signs for promotion is that they offer you a good return on investment. Once you invest in creating and installing banners signs, they continue to advertise your business, for weeks, months and years until they get destroyed or you replace them.  Most of the business signage does not cost much but offer you a high return on investment in the long term by bringing customers and sales.


The cost of advertising through banner signs is far less than the price of other forms like digital marketing and online promotion. Moreover, the cost of designing and installation are a one-time investment. Banner signs are cost effective to most types of advertising like TV, radio commercials and digital forms of marketing like Google and social media ads.

Bring online traffic

Banner signs not only attract the local audience, but also helps you bring traffic to your websites and blogs. Businesses can mention the URL of their blog, website and social media pages in the banner advertisement. People can visit your website or social media pages to see what you have to offer them. Many people have QR code scanner apps in their mobile phones. Businesses can also display their QR codes on the banner signs that people can scan with their cellphones to reach their website or mobile app.

Ideal for real estate

Builders and property sellers need large banners to display their projects to the public. The real estate companies can use construction signage for advertising their current and upcoming projects. Construction signage is ideal for installation on fencings and boundary walls of the construction sites. They also use mesh banners and billboards to display their current projects to people.

Economical for startups

Startups and small companies have a low marketing budget. So they cannot invest in the TV and radio commercials or digital marketing. Banner advertising is a low-cost type of marketing for startups and small businesses. Therefore, any startup or small business can make use of banner signage to advertise their products, service, and create brand awareness among people.

Final Words

Banner signs still have their significance in advertising for businesses. The best advantage of using banner signage for advertising is that they come in a variety of materials and sizes. Whether you have a startup or established business, there are banner signs that suit your budget and requirements.

If you consider the versatility, cost-effectiveness, return on investment and other benefits, you will find the banner signs one of the best ways of advertising your products, services, and brand.

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