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Australian Plastic Fabricators are Leading the Way

You’d be amazed what Australian plastic fabricators can do these days. We’ve moved far beyond the traditional uses for plastic to amazing breakthroughs in recycling and reuse, even using this versatile material for construction.

Plastic fabrication services have been used by a wide range of industries and businesses for a long time. One great example is the automotive industry, in which the use of plastic has been shown to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Plastic has been used in the automotive industry since the 1950s; in fact, the first Lotus Elite was built entirely from plastic in 1957. Today’s plastics, however, are much lighter, more flexible plastics have been a real game-changer. More than 1000 different car parts are made from plastic these days and can be molded together, thus replacing the need for multiple parts. This not only keeps the manufacturing costs down but also the vehicle’s weight.

As well as making vehicles more economical to run, engineers say that plastic is far better than metal in absorbing impacts in an accident. It is also more durable and corrosion-resistant, so there’s no rust to worry about!

Australian Plastic Fabricators

Australian plastic fabricators can turn their hand to pretty much anything, from an entire car body to the smallest of high-tech components. This is largely due to the fact that most plastic fabrication is now done using computer software.

Plastic fabrication services usually utilise a variety of methods, including plastic welding, blending, molding and lamination.

Plastic Welding

Similar to metal welding, plastic welding uses heat to melt and meld different components. This is used extensively for thermoplastics. Plastic welding offers great strength and is much faster than mechanical joining or chemical bonding.

Plastic Blending

Plastic Blending or compounding combines two or more plastics into a single part. Different plastics offer different advantages and disadvantages; compounding is a way of incorporating all the benefits.

Plastic Molding

This is one of the most popular plastic fabrication services as it is so versatile. The fabricator may use injection molding, rotational molding or blow molding to create a wide range of products and components, including bottles, fuel tanks, storage containers, toys, canoes, automotive parts and much more.

Plastic Lamination

We’ve probably all had laminated kitchen benchtops or cupboard doors. It’s simply a way of creating a plastic barrier on the surface of another material. It offers increased protection, better styling and cost-effectiveness.

There is also another method, known as plastic extrusion, and that is used for making pipes, tubes and sheeting components.

There is a global move to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging and disposable products, thus reducing the amount of plastic that goes into landfill. That’s a good thing. In addition, a push by Australian plastic fabricators to use more recycled plastic for industrial applications is also keeping more waste out of landfill.

In Australia, recycled plastic is being used for creating roads, footpaths, building materials, furniture and more. One idea being trialled is plastic waste, instead of steel mesh, to reinforce concrete. This can make it up to 40% lighter than traditional concrete.

Plastic Fabrication Services

Using plastic bricks for construction offers many benefits, including massive cost reductions. With a growing demand for more affordable housing, this is a breakthrough. Plastic buildings are also resistant to moisture, chemicals, solvents, heat and termites. Many plastic materials are now also fire resistant.

From an environmental point of view, this is outstanding. Think about it; if you’re putting waste plastic into buildings and furniture, you’re not putting it into landfill. What’s more, by reducing the incineration of plastic waste, we are also creating a cleaner environment.

Carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels will be reduced, and our waterways will be cleaner and safer as we reduce the amount of waste. It’s a win-win for everyone.

One of the newest recycled plastic products is the Ecobrick, made from recycled plastic bottles, shopping bags and food wrappers. These reusable building blocks could be the bricks of the future.

Think about the products your organisation manufacturers. Could you reduce your costs and expand your reach by integrating plastic components? Would you like to make your products lighter? More affordable? More durable?

Could You Go Greener?

Would you like to boost your company’s reputation by becoming ‘greener’?

If you make drainage pipes, flooring, ducting, damp proof membranes, building materials, kerbing, insulation, homewares, garden furniture, you could use recycled plastic – and that’s just mentioning a few products. There are plenty more!

There’s a good chance you’ve never looked into this but, thanks to major breakthroughs in plastic fabrication services, it is now an option. Your first step is to talk to local plastic fabricators and see how they can help you.

On the Sunshine Coast, we’re lucky to have Suncoast Industries, a local company that has been operating in the region since 2008. There isn’t anything they can’t do with plastic, from eye-catching business signs to tiny components.

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