There are a wide variety of makeup looks and a particular makeup look goes with a particular event. There is so much diversity in the colors, be it in the lip colors or eye shades, which people have actually fixed them with accordance to the seasons and events depending upon numerous factors.

When it comes to evening makeup looks, they are usually dark and deep. If one has an evening party, a get-together or any kind of event, they usually go with red lips or super deep lips and a dramatic eyeliner. However, some people also tend to go with really dramatic eye looks to match their outfits in accordance to the events.

The question that puts numerous people in deep thinking is what kind of look should they go for on an evening party or what are the perfect shades to match their evening outfit? How to look on fleek yet not overdone? What to apply on the eyes and what to go with on the lips? All these questions keep popping in a girl’s mind especially as the event gets near. However, here’s a little guide to help you with the perfect shades for the evening and yes, there is diverse makeup looks that you can create with the help of these eyeshadow palettes. This will save your time from selecting what you should go with and what not.


When the word ‘’best eyeshadow’’ is used, it does not necessarily mean that one calls them ‘’the best’’ due to its color or shade. It might be due to a number of different reasons as every color is beautiful but the way of how it applies is what actually matters.

Evening parties and events accompany prominent eye looks with them. To make the eyes prominent, the correct selection of eye colors must be done.

1. Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Cream Shadow Aqua Paradise

Well, as the name clearly shows, this eye kit has aqua shades. It contains 4 shades and has a creamy formula which means super high pigmentation is guaranteed. However, you need not worry because creamy does not mean oily at all.

So, this tiny little compact eye kit begins with a berry blue shade. This ‘’berry blue’’ shade is literally everything you’ll need for your evening to be perfect. You can pair it up with a glitter on top (Yes, the glitter will stay quite well due to the creamy formula), or just create a matte eye look with this shade. You can even pair it up with a brown in the crease.
The next shade is a grey, however, not too dark. It is a cool toned grey which is perfect to neutralize the look.
There are 2 greens in the palette. One is a sea aqua green and the other is a camouflage green. Both the shades are beautiful and can work to give your eyes a very diverse makeup look so you can rock on the event.

2. L’Oreal Hip High-Intensity Pigments Bright Eyeshadow Duo Perky 307

Okay so talk about the cutest shades with a very good amount of product, and L’Oreal will tell you how it’s done.
These eye shadows have a circular packaging and have 2 shades each perfectly divided in a semicircle. This one contains a green on one side and a black on the other.
The black shade has blue undertones to it. Definitely amazing to help you achieve the best Smokey eye you have ever seen. You can spice it up by addition of glitter.
The second shade is a bright green but does not confuse it with highlighter green because it is superb for night time. You can even create a look by using these two shades and without the interference of a third one.

L’Oreal manufactured these products with micro-fine formula. This formula helps enhance the pigmentation of the eye shade of when you apply it. Both the eyeshadow has a crease-free, smooth application and have a mirror included.

3. L’Oreal Hip High Intensity Pigments Bright Eye Shadow Duo Dashing 917

Who says evening only means dark and gothic colors? If you want to go with something really light yet glowy and with a dramatic eyeliner, then you need to purchase this eyeshadow kit because the tea-pink in this is superb. It can be used for a no-makeup-makeup look as well. The pigmentation is worth complimenting. However, not only is the pink likable, but the black which comes in this palette is also beautiful. It is a pure black with no other undertones. It blends flawlessly and can be used for the creation of a Smokey eye.

The color delivery and pigmentation of this eye shadow range are great.

4. Maybelline Expert wears Quad Eye shadow Sea Scape 60

Okay, so these eyeshadows have been loved by all the YouTube makeup gurus, who have raved about the quality and color of these. This kit contains 4 colors. A neutral, greyish white to make everything a bit cool, a beautiful sea blue shade which is literally everything to glam up your look during an evening event, a cool toned brown and a black.

This shade is super versatile. Create any kind of look with it. You can even create a Smokey eye with the shades. Moreover, it has an ultra-bendable formula and is crease free. So it provides a very smooth look to the eyes.

5. L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow Metallic Lilac 037

Well last, but definitely not the least, is this little bad boy. It is definitely a show stopper. This is a gorgeous metallic glitter which will provide you with the ‘’queen looks’’ that will blind everyone. It is made with a formula that is rub proof so you can rub your eyes and it won’t get off and yes, there is not fall out.
The formula is a hybrid/crème mix. It is waterproof and can resist shower. The specks of glitter will provide you with a look which will make everyone stop and stare at you once you walk down the event.

Also, it does not crease or make the fine lines around the eyes prominent.

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