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Buying a Foosball Table [Ultimate Guide]

This is an open secret that a foosball table has a long-drawn since been a staple in the gaming room amusement. Despite having a well-maintained pool table, a reliable dart board, and homesick arcade machines, the foosball table stands out simply to be enjoyed from children to adults. Foosball is a family game as well as it is certified as a competing sport can be played by two to four players. The game is well-recognized and it has several worldwide championships that are played annually.

A dedicated society always works for the improvement of the foosball game and also tries to concentrate on foosball shots. What to think more! Buying a foosball table, you can start playing and can be a part of a tremendous source of enjoyment. You can enjoy your leisure period with your friends and family members to reunite your relationships. Before buying a foosball table, need to consider some factors to buy the best foosball tables for the money. Unlike racket sports like badminton, foosball doesn’t require huge space to play. And just like foosball ball, players need badminton racket to play this game. 

Foosball tables come with different sizes, types, and qualities. There are some foosball tables which are worthy of thousand dollars. They are expensive but might get the best experience. Some foosball tables cut the price at around $100, which vary the qualities compared to the high-end tables. You must compromise the quality in terms of the price range. There are also some mid range tables which are cost effective and you can enjoy good and competitive foosball games over them.

We’ve designed this guide considering several variables which can affect your outcome. We have decorated our foosball buying guide into several sections to assist you in buying a foosball table to meet your demands according to your budget.


Categories of Foosball Table

There are different types of foosball tables which are introduced by different brands. They come with different tastes offering different features. Let’s hook over it.


Standard Foosball Tables

These types of foosball tables are most preferable when anyone thinks of buying a foosball table for home. They are available and the most common type of foosball tables to buy. They come with different sizes and they are well fit in any room area. They are made of solid construction and can take the heavy load for long time play.


Mini or Tabletop Foosball Table

They are the portable version of the standard size foosball table. You can enjoy a good foosball game not only at home but also at the outside. When you plan for a long day outing, take it with you which can give you immense pleasure. Moreover, it would be a great gift for Christmas and at your child birthday to surprise her/him.


Coin-Operated Foosball Tables

These tables are the sturdiest and coin mechanism combines a novel touch to your indoor. The full-sized foosball tables come with high-quality parts. You can also modify it with your suitable parts according to your needs. But you can get bored or annoyed to work with coin mechanism after a while. You need a large room to adjust this bulky table.


Combination Game Tables

Combination game tables are something different that comes with more than just foosball. Many indoor rooms are decorated with a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey table along with a foosball table. But combination game tables combine them all. You just need a few minutes to switch your game into another.


Important Factors to Consider

You know which foosball table you want to purchase. But before buying a foosball table, you need to consider the following tips to get the best result.



  • Table Size is an important factor to consider before purchasing a table. Because you should know the measurement of the table. The standard size foosball tables are 7 feet by 8 feet. But including the rods and the players, you need roughly double to get adequate space to play. If you want a table for the children, you can easily go for a smaller version of them.



  • Table Construction is the unit which determines the price of the table. If the table comes with solid wood, it costs high. But they are sturdy enough to sustain heavy pressure for a long time. Then the composite materials which are demanded due to its price. They are also used in some good foosball tables. Cheap particle boards are not recommended as it degrades according to time. But make sure, don’t keep your foosball table in a damp environment as it can damage your desired table due to humidity.



  • Playing Surface is another important factor that can control your play. The slick or sticky playing surface becomes damaged or warps over time. This design can be an obstacle for your gameplay and also change the direction of the ball; You can’t enjoy a smooth game due to this sloppy design. To enjoy a smooth game, you can go for the American Foosball Table for its hard surface. You can get easy ball retrieval and perform better shots.



  • Leg Levelers also play a vital role to make a game competitive. You can enjoy an even playing field adjusting the levelers. If your floor is uneven, you can purchase a table that comes with adjustable leg levelers and you can keep your surface even to enjoy a better gaming experience.



  • Counter-balanced Players are an added feature that can offer you a professional taste. As it because if your players are not counterweighted, they can block your shot unless you can place them correctly. But having this feature, you can just place them vertically and can perform your shot to the opposite goal. They will not block your shot and offer you an open space to execute it.



After all, I can assure that foosball tables create a classy look to a game room. So people love to enrich their stock by adding a foosball table to their indoor rooms. So, why are you so late!! Want to boost your game room? Don’t waste your time. Pick a foosball table and surprise your family and enjoy a great time with them playing some good games on it.

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