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Cable TV is still the Choice of 119 Million American Homes

You must have heard the excellent cord cutting as you think it’s trending now. But you may not be aware of the other side of the picture. Cable still enjoys the most significant proportion of TV viewership in the US. According to 2018 estimates of Nielson’s National Television, Household Universe Estimates there are 119.6 million TV homes in the US. According to this approximation, an increase in cable TV is seen as compared to last year. This estimate is prepared by Nielson which uses data of US National Bureau of Census and national panel. So you must keep in mind the fact before talking about cord cutting.

Why Cable TV?

Now, we talk about that why cable is still the choice of most of the Americans. There is a fantastic advancement in TV and video technologies that have changed the concept of video entertainment. You can find many alternatives like Online TV, Satellite TV, and mobile TV, etc. But still there are many things, and features are only available on cable. Also, most of the internet providers are also cable providers. So they have improved the quality of cable service with a variety of features. Like, Charter Spectrum TV provides you the best channel lineup in your area in the lowest price that you can’t enjoy through the online TV. All of these features make the user stick with cable for shows and series.

Things that you can only enjoy with Cable TV:

We will discuss some features and aspects of cable service that you cannot find better anywhere else.

Best Channel Lineup

With cable service, you can watch as many channels as you want. The channel lineup includes the channels from every category. So it makes the whole family entertained. Top cable providers like Charter offer the packages which are good enough for the family entertainment. Charter TV Deals provides many Free HD and many premium channels. But through online services, you can enjoy a limited number of channels. Moreover, you have to pay many more bucks with online entertainment than cable. Most of the online services like Amazon, Netflix, and Roku restrict you to the limited channels. So you cannot enjoy the channels from diverse categories and the biggest plus point for the cable industry.

No buffering at all

If you use the live streaming on the internet, then you may face some disruption in the speed of the internet. You will see the buffering, and you have to wait. Fortunately, cable TV is free from that disturbance. Once you have switched on the TV, you will see the uninterrupted service in HD.

DVR Service

Another feature of the cable is a DVR service, i.e., digital video recording. With this, you can record your favorite moments on TV whenever you want and enjoy the recorded shows later with your convenience. This unique feature is not available for other modes of TV as you have to spend a lot of internet data from your package if you wish to download all of it.

Only Choice for Home Entertainment

On weekends, many families plan to watch the movie or show together at home instead of going outside. At that time, cable is their choice for family entertainment as cable finds them the right show without wasting their time. Hence, you can say comfortably that cable TV is the best way for home entertainment.

Parental Controls for Better Kids Learning

Due to the open nature of the internet, you cannot stop your kids entirely from going towards inappropriate content. It can disturb your kids learning phase. But TV has the feature to divert the kids’ attention to only positive things. With the Parental Control feature, parents can block any adult channel or even inappropriate content from kids’ channels. They can also set the hours in which the kids will watch TV which is a useful feature for the kids and parents satisfaction.

Watch More and Save More with Packages

Another great thing about cable is that it doesn’t burden your pocket. Mostly, cable providers offer the packages at the reasonable prices that are affordable for everyone. With these packages, you get the fantastic viewing experience.

We will share a cable company’s package details for clarification. Charter Spectrum is one of the top cable TV providers in USA. Its packages are:


This package offers

  • 125+ Free HD channels like CNN, MTV, ESPN, and Discovery.
  • Free DVR Service
  • 10,000+ On Demand Shows and movies
  • Local Programming to set the channels according to your local area


This package includes

  • 175+ Free HD channels
  • Many Premium channels like CINEMAX, HBO, and SHOWTIME.
  • Select programming
  • DVR & other features are same as in Select


This exclusive package provides

  • 200+ HD channels
  • Premium channels like Starz Encore, HBO Premium.
  • Other features are same as in Silver.

These features are good enough to convince you about cable TV popularity. Therefore, don’t move ahead to cord cutting if you can’t afford to miss these features.

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