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A Detailed Cell phone Repair Guide: Here is what you need to Know

A broken smartphone is quite a common incident which can either get financially or emotionally frustrating for an individual. Although purchasing a new one is always an available option, a majority of mobile phone users prefer getting the gadget repaired, provided the concerned device is high-end and almost exclusively bought. However, there are a number of factors which need to be taken into account before even approaching a repair center. Here is a detailed cell phone repair guide for the common user which might come in handy whenever services pertaining to gadget repair and replacement are sought. Before delving deeper into the concepts, basics, and diverse aspects of cell phone repair, it is important to note that screen repair is probably the commonest of issues when it comes to fixing a flawed device.

How big is the Repair Industry?

Roughly, the existing smartphone repair industry is worth $4 billion and continually expanding without limitations. That said, screen repair requirements pertaining to iPhones and other high-end gadgets make the better part of this industry. What’s interesting to note is that the prices associated with authorized repair centers are on the higher side and in order to avail lowest mobile repair prices, customers need to approach third-party units for handling certain tasks. All these factors have contributed to the unprecedented growth of the smartphone repair industry.

The Existence of Reliable Repair Startups

Previously, offline repair centers were the only viable solutions for the customers. However, things have changed with the emergence of online startups that deal in mobile repairs and replacements. Some of these startups, including the likes of Gadgetwood, Togofogo Repairs, and more have made it extremely easy for the users to get hold of doorstep repair solutions, without having to worry about the prices and service quality. The best thing about startups like these is that they offer customized quotations depending on the extent of the damage. Once the customer agrees to the price point, expert technicians are sent over for initiating the repair process. Another feather in the cap of these repair startups is that certain vendors even offer spare gadgets when the existing one is getting worked on. This, in a way, offers a lot of flexibility to the customer, besides allowing him or her to explore newer repair-specific options.

The Case of Duplicate Parts

While online repair centers are known for their authenticity and credibility, it often becomes difficult for the user to verify each and every part which is getting fixed. There are times when scammers set up credible-looking websites for conning individuals in the process. If a general user falls in this trap and connects with the scammer for getting the device repaired, there are chances that the existing device will be siphoned off the functional parts. This brings us to the concept of third-party spare parts and repair centers which have started growing in an uncontrollable manner. While some of these are extremely reliable and can be considered as the more innovative startups, there are few which rely primarily on duping the customer.

Third-Party vs. Authorized Parts

There are times when customers need to rely on third-party options for getting the device repaired as authorized centers often end up quoting way too much. While relying on parts from outside previously violated the warranties, Apple, in certain provinces, have taken this clause out of the reckoning, provided the spare part doesn’t interfere with the existing components. However, things aren’t the same for other manufacturers which still discourage the usage of third-party parts, in order to keep their markets intact. That said, the smartphone companies often offer warranty extension flexibilities to the individuals which eventually covers repairs and replacements, provided the clauses are adhered to. However, there are times when repairs emanating out of accidents aren’t covered within the warranty and this is when it becomes very hard to sustain keeping the device in working condition.

This is why repair startups and third-party offline centers are gaining all the popularity at this point in time. Not just the customer-oriented requirements but the mobile repair industry are gaining a lot of positive traction courtesy the evolution of sellers who prefer targeting the refurbished smartphone market. This is when repair startups are contacted for fixing the major and minor issues associated with the smartphones.

What are the Enterprise-Level Opportunities for Startups?

While it’s profitable for a startup to indulge in standalone activities, getting associated with an enterprise as the MMS or Managed Mobility Services provider is probably the most rewarding plan, going ahead into the future. This way, every repair and replacement specific requirements of a company, in regards to the employee devices, are handled by the third-party vendor.

Getting a smartphone repaired via offline or online stores can get tricky if the user isn’t accustomed to the mentioned factors. However, these points reveal the complete situation that’s associated with the repair industry, especially the one that’s surging ahead in the Indian contingent.

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