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Dental Care Tips Every Family Should Know

Dental health is a part of our overall health. Anything that we eat or drink passes through the mouth to the stomach. A sound dental health is necessary for chewing the food properly that helps digestion. It is essential to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums to maintain your oral health.

People face many problems like cavities, tooth pain, and bleeding of gums that are a result of poor dental care. However, families can do a lot to take care of their oral health. This post shares some tips to take care of your teeth and gums.

Brush twice a day

The first advice that a dentist Mill Park offers to his patients is to brush their teeth twice a day. Most people brush their teeth in the morning but not in the night. Any toothpaste we use can offer a maximum of 10 to 12-hour protection from bacteria. That is why dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. The best time for brushing your teeth is in the morning and the night before sleeping.

Use the right brush

It is essential to use the right brush to clean your teeth. Using a plain brush does not clean the areas between the teeth and edges of teeth. There is a variety of toothbrushes with different designs of bristles that can clean your teeth effectively. For example, angular bristles clean between the teeth while others can clean your tongue. Replace your toothbrush every three months.

Clean your tongue

There are millions of bacteria on our tongue that can harm our teeth and gums. Some people clean their teeth, but some don’t. It is essential to clean your tongue using a good quality tongue cleaner. Cleaning the tongue after brushing your teeth helps to make your mouth free from bacteria.

Do not eat after brushing

The bacteria start developing in the mouth as soon as we eat something. Therefore, you should not eat anything for 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. Eating immediately after brushing can allow the bacteria and other germs to enter your teeth and you cannot reap the benefits of your toothpaste.

Floss regularly

A toothbrush cannot clean the food particles stuck between your teeth. You should floss your teeth to remove the food particles between them. If you don’t know how to floss your teeth, you can visit a dentist to know the procedure to floss your teeth.  Not the flossing kits are also available that you can use to floss your teeth easily.

Avoid sugary foods

People should avoid acidic and sugary foods as much as possible. The sugars and acids in foods and drinks damage the tooth enamel more than anything else. You should try to avoid foods like chocolate, cookies, candies, sodas, fast food, junk food, and sugary snacks. The bacteria in the mouth produce acids from sugars in these foods, and the process of demineralization begins.

Avoid acidic fruits

Most doctors recommend eating citric fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. However, they contain acids that are good for health but bad for your teeth. The acids present in them can erode the enamel of your teeth that makes your teeth vulnerable to cavities and damage. However, we need citric fruits for health. The best way to save your teeth is to rinse them with water after consuming any sweet or acidic foods.

Rinse your mouth

It is best to rinse your mouth after you eat something, as it will remove the sugars and acids on your teeth. The best way to rinse your mouth is to use a mouthwash for the same. Getting rid of the acids and sugars protects your teeth from decay. You can use the mouthwash when you are in a hurry and have not time to brush your teeth.

Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol

The tea and coffee are acidic and creates a layer on your teeth that can damage the enamel. Drinking is also harmful to your teeth. Therefore, people should avoid the consumption of tea, coffee, or alcohol to protect their teeth and gums.

Dental visits

Most people don’t go to a dentist unless they suffer from a problem. When we come to know about dental issues, they have already done a lot of damage to our teeth. Sometimes the damage is irreversible, and you need dental implants to restore your teeth. Every family should visit a dentist every six months for a routine checkup of their oral health.

Final Words

These are the dental care tips that every family should know. Brushing twice a day and flossing helps you maintain your oral hygiene. Avoiding the sugary and acidic foods protects your teeth and gums form acids and sugars. Visiting a dentist regularly can help you diagnose and treat the dental problems before they become significant. Following the tips given above can help any family to take care of their dental health.

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