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Everything You Need to Know about Mechanical Repairs Sunshine Coast

Your car is probably the most complicated piece of equipment you own. And, if you’re not a home owner, it’s probably your most valuable possession. Yet you, like me and most other people, just take it for granted.

We tend to think we can jump in the car at any time, turn the key – or press the button – and away we go. We depend on our vehicle for everything, getting us to work and the kids to school, shopping, holidays and more.

You’d think that with that much invested in our car, we’d take very good care of it, getting it regularly serviced and keeping it immaculate. The problem is, life tends to get in the way sometimes and, before you know it, it’s been months since you’ve had your vehicle checked.

It’s worse still, if you jump in one morning when you’re already late for work and it won’t start! By that time what was probably a small problem that could be easily fixed has turned into a huge repair bill.

Mechanical Repairs Sunshine Coast

The point is, a regular mechanical repair service is essential to keep you on the road. It will also save you the stress of a major unexpected breakdown, lower your running costs and preserve your vehicle’s value.

Someone with a little mechanical knowledge may be tempted to do their own car servicing and repairs, but it’s not recommended. Far better to choose a skilled technician, especially one that specialises in your make of car.

Mechanics have the knowledge, training and tools to get the job done right and get you back on the road quickly. Even better, choose a service centre that guarantees its work, for your peace-of-mind.

There are many places to book mechanical repairs on the Sunshine Coast, so it pays to do your research. First, look for a service centre that uses genuine parts, guarantees its work and is approved for log book servicing.

Mechanical Repair Service

One Australian survey suggested that 85% of motorists don’t trust their mechanic! One in seven people complained that mechanics use complicated jargon that they don’t understand, and two out of five female drivers believe they have been ripped off.

Those are shocking statistics and you can see why drivers are nervous and may avoid taking their vehicle in for a mechanical repair service. However, not all mechanics are the same. Ask questions: how many years has the service centre been operating? Where were the technicians trained? What makes and models do they specialise in?

A good mechanical workshop should look used but tidy. Tools should be in good order and spare parts neatly stored. If the workshop looks as if a bomb has gone off, with everything covered in grease, it doesn’t suggest a great deal of care!

Once you find a service centre you like and trust, stick with it. Taking your vehicle in for regular servicing is one of the best investments you can make. Your mechanic can help you with the following:

Engine Inspection

Your car engine works extremely hard, especially in the Queensland heat! Having it checked regularly will ensure it’s in peak condition and any potential problems are caught early. The last thing you want is an engine rebuild.

Brake Inspection

The reason for this should be obvious! Brake maintenance is crucial for the safety of you and your passengers.

Wheel Alignment

This should be checked every year, and when you get new tyres, as misaligned wheels can cause excessive wear and tear. As it also affects the steering and suspension, it can also be dangerous.

Car Air Conditioning

Again, another necessity when you live in Queensland. Car air conditioning needs to be regularly serviced to keep it working at its best. Overtime, your air conditioning unit can also become clogged with dirt, mold and bacteria.

In the past, drivers used to simply get a ‘grease and oil change’; however, with our modern hi-tech vehicles, that just isn’t enough. Did you know that a good service could involve over 50 component checks and adjustments?

Computer diagnostics are a key part of many mechanical repairs on the Sunshine Coast now, but fluid level checks and changes are vital, too. It doesn’t take much to spring a leak and the result can be catastrophic.

Regular car servicing may not be a legal requirement, but the legal consequences of being caught driving a defective vehicle are high.

5 Things You May Not Know

  • Engine oil needs to be replaced regularly as it loses its effectiveness.
  • A regularly serviced engine will use less fuel and produce fewer emissions.
  • All moving parts must be regularly lubricated to avoid unnecessary and potentially expensive wear and tear.
  • Tyres that are over or under inflated will need replacing more often.

Regular documented car servicing will improve the resale value of your vehicle.

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