Everything You Need to Know About the Civil Contractors


As we know, a civil contractor executes and oversees the projects on construction that are planned and designed by discussing with the civil engineers. At any construction site, the civil contractors act as the technical project manager. Their foremost duty is to maintain the quality control.


The whole project starts with the help of a civil engineer where he informs about the mode of construction and safety requirements to the civil contractor. Apart from them, many special people are required for proper teamwork such as material dealers, special contractors, manufacturers, architect, construction engineers, general contractor, agencies and government bodies.

Types of Civil Contractors

  1. Lump sum contractor: This type of contractor agrees to work as described in the contract at a fixed price. They are best suited when a defined schedule and a clear scope have been reviewed and agreed upon. They offer a lower financial risk to the employer.
  2. Measurement contractor: This contractor deals with the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) as provided by the employer. The contract thus formed here contains the detailed design of the work rather than the amount. The contractor goes through the design and fixes the amount against the BOQ required to build up the same.
  3. Turnkey contractor: A turnkey contractor finishes the whole project without any input from the owner. He handles all the decisions and problems related to the project.
  4. Design and build contractor:  A design and build contractor undertakes the design and construction work for an agreed lump-sum amount. Adequate time is given to the contractor to match all the requirements of the employer. The employer can have control over the design of the project but as soon as the contract is passed to the hands of contractor, the employer will have no control over it.
  5. Cost Plus contractors:  They are the contractors who work where the scope of work is very uncertain and get all the payments for the cost of materials and labour charge along with the profit.
  6. Unit Price contractor: This contractor is being given a schedule for the work and depending on that schedule he fixes his fees. The schedule is divided into many intervals and after each interval he is paid a certain amount.
  7. Time and material contractors:  They are generally preferred when the scope for the project is not clear. An agreement is established between the owner and contractor for the daily or hourly rate.
  8. Item rate contractors:  They are required to set the rate for the different items of work and are based on the schedule of quantities as supplied by the client’s department.
  9. Labour contractors:  They are required to set the rate for the individual items of work excluding the elements of materials as supplied by the client’s department.
  10. Target contractors:  This contractor is paid on the basis of cost plus percentage work. He may receive a percentage plus or minus on the completion of the work.

How to Choose the Right Civil Contractor?

A few things have been listed below that must be put into consideration while choosing a civil contractor for your project.

  • Compare their potentiality to meet your requirements
  • Must have consistency, good communication skill and coordination
  • Must have a qualified skilled project manager
  • Having a reliable permanent team
  • Apart from the reliable permanent team, a good construction contractor must maintain their own machinery. Any good and serious construction company will own several this machinery.
  • The best indication for a good civil contractor is the presence of a good track record and a lot of happy customers.

Advantages of Hiring Civil Contractors

One of the main reasons with having civil contractors work for your project is that they need many complications to work with. The contractor’s team make sure to wash up once they’re finished the work and confirm that you just get solely the most effective work. one more reason is that with permanent workers, it’s probably that sure things are created which could hinder the progress of the project.

There are various advantages of hiring civil contractors. you’ll be able to hire civil contractors by seeking references or finding out the reviews and ratings on the web.

So if you want full guarantee and a high level of satisfaction then you should seek a good contractor keeping all the above points in mind.