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Everything You Should Know About 3D Pen: Real Buyer Review (Best 3D Pen to Use)

As an artist all your Hard Work pays off when you start getting Result. Your work turned into a Shape. If you are a 3D Painter than properly you  heard the Term of 3D Pen. 3D Pen is Advanced way of Turning Design into Real Creation.

In the Market There Are lots of 3D pens Are Available but they are too costly. None of them have a proper Description of the product. So how You can choose a perfect pen for Your Creation?

Don’t worry in this post i gonna share my Best 3D Pens Review. This will surely Help you a lot to decide which pen You need to Buy. But before starting a main Core Part Let’s take a Quick overview of 3D pen.

What is 3D Pen and How it works?

3D Pen is an upgraded version of normal ink Pen. Here Ink is Replaced with Plastic Filament. This Filament is use to design a particular shape. For Ex: If I want to write a Freejobalert on a surface of my Working place.Then Using 3D pen I can do this.

Sounds Difficult? But it is not

3D pen comes with an Extension in their Back where a plastic filament is connected. Main Pen Encapsulated a Machine which used to melt a Plastic Wire. This Plastic Liquid Now can be used to write to design anything on any surface.

3D pens are available in Market with Various Color. you Can use This Wire to Create any design you want.

Now I think you have a basic idea of 3D pen. Now let’s Jump to Main Topic. Is there any Best 3D pens Available in market?

Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

This is Best and My choice for 3d pen. Leo Pen is designed for Kids as well as for Adult. The simple Fiber Technology helps you to Design anything and anywhere. Pen Comes with Variety of color Adjustment Feature. You can adjust Temperature according to your need.

 The unique Features Which Differentiate this pen with other is Price of Leo Evo Pen. it is very cheap as compared to others. The LCD Screen always help you to make any design via welcome Screen. This Product is Recommended by me if you are buying any 3D Pen.


If you are a professional 3d Design maker, then maybe you have used LIX PEN UV pen many time. Unlike Leo Evo 3D pen this pen is only made for expert handlers. The light weight of LIX PEN UV helps to Create and Design any complex Structure within a minute.

The Lightweight and Easy to carry Feature of pen comes in a price Range of 100$ Which is Affordable.

DigiHero 3D Pen

Are your Buying 3d pen for child? Above 2 pen which i Reviewed till Now is Not suitable for Child use. So in last product i want to review something safe for new users as well as for children.

For this criteria the Best alternative for all the product is DigiHero 3D Pen. This pen can be used for a learning purpose. DigiHero 3D Pen comes with 12 Different PLA Filament, which is nice collection for New users. If you are an advance user and willing to buy a 3d pen, then this pen is not for you. You can choose first 2 pen.

This pen is highly Recommended for new user and Child. DigiHero 3D Pen comes in a range of 40 dollars which is very Affordable in this Price. For new user DigiHero is Best to use.


I hope you Like this post. Now you are Clear with which pen do you want to purchase. As i already said Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen is my first choice among all. But if you are beginner and want to learn how 3d pen works then Digihero is best option for you.

If you want to upgrade yourself from Digihero then you can go for LIX PEN UV.

If you Already have a 3d pen collection, then let’s know which pen do you preferred in this category. Don’t forget to share this post on social media and let them know about this Beautiful Pens.




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