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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Positivity and Enhance Love Relationships

If you’re experiencing a dry spell in terms of good luck and are done blaming it on your destiny, then it’s about time you realize it’s all because of bad energies that have probably made their way into your lives. This could lead to financial troubles, emotional upheaval, career stagnation, and most disturbing of them all, love life troubles.

We believe, a person grows the most in a good fellowship – love being the closest of them all, plays the most critical role here. But if something so unusual and ineffable like negative energies, or what people often refer to as ‘bad energy’ rocks your love boat, you don’t know where to go for answers. Therefore, you require something that’s practical and effective.

Feng-Shui can be definitively considered a solution to a problem just like this. Hence, we have come up with simple Feng-Shui remedies to help you get rid of bad energies and amend your love relationships. Take a look:

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  • Burning Incenses: – As thoughtfully as one tries to move along in a conversation, sometimes things get out of hands. Brimming emotions, bad day at work, accumulated resentment, make it worse. You can slip even when you try hardest not to. So Feng-Shui suggests you keep a bundle of incense sticks ready and burn them soon after you’ve had an argument or an unpleasant exchange of words with your partner or any family member. Incense sticks have this incredible quality to completely change the mood in the surroundings. Certainly, you’ll feel lighter and a puff of positive energy will transmit into the entire house.
  • Accessorizing the Entrance: – The most important cranny in your house has to be the entrance. The doorway to the outside world in your peaceful little abode. Feng-Shui suggests you need to rethink the entrance design to get rid of negativity in your house. Mirrors and vase along with a small wooden console can help you achieve just the right balance of invitation and positivity. You can definitely try this combination.
  • Using Positive Words: – We know this might sound a little unimaginative but Feng-Shui experts believe that language is the key to maintaining positivity inside a household. The words that you utter are way more valuable than you think. But it can’t also be denied that speech isn’t something that can be transformed overnight, so try and do this: use positive words as much you can. Words can turn their magic around and attract happiness to your house.
  •  Creating a Wind Passage: – Just imagine how good it feels when you’re out in the open enjoying the nature. There is nothing like it. You feel energized, fresh and more lively. Nature is the best source of positive energy. Filling your house with the element of nature will ensure negative energy stays at a distance and you get closer to your loved ones. This can be achieved by simply opening the windows such that it creates a cross way for the air to flow in and out. You can feel the difference within a few seconds.
  • Salt Bath: – Feng-Shui philosophy suggests that if by any chance you are leaving your house unattended for a few weeks or days, you’re unintentionally inviting negative energy into your lives. However, to get rid of this you can do a simple thing. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it in the four corners of your house, and let it sit there for around two days. This essential kitchen ingredient will absorb all the negative energies that have accumulated in your absence.
  • Cleaning: – Keeping your house clean and speckless is important anyway but when it comes to Feng-Shui there is a whole new meaning to it. For instance, the movement of broom while sweeping the floor symbolizes a tangible shift in the vibe and creates an energy pool that can sustain itself for hours. So in order to welcome positive energy and happiness into your love life make sure each corner of your house is dust-free and clean.
  • Clutter and Flowers: – If you’re doing everything that you can and still can’t get rid of negative energy, then probably you’re missing the trick here. The first step in making your house free from bad energy is by throwing out all the needless stuff that’s cluttering your house and space. Before inviting in positive energy, you need to make enough space and that’s only possible by staying organized. Working on your interiors is also important in Feng-Shui so when it comes to mending love relationships, there is nothing better than flowers. Adding some vibrant planters, and floral shades to drapes, bed sheets, and rugs would work brilliantly well.

Feng-Shui is all about restoring harmony into your lives and these simple remedies mentioned above would work just perfectly in bringing peace to your love relationships. However, if you need more insights into the matter you can always check out Love Horoscope and Tarot.

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