Five Ways to Revamp Your Condo Bedroom


A bedroom is a sacred place. The bedroom not only provides safety and comfort, but it is also where you find peace among the troubles in life. Settling in a bedroom that helps relieve stress and makes you appreciate little things in life is something important for you.

If you are looking for a place to lease, there is an available condo for rent in Taguig. You can decorate the bedroom to make it homier and suited for your style. Here are five interior design tips to revamp your bedroom.

1. Graceful Prints

In this interior design, you choose pale, muted palette as the tone of your bedroom. Things like mattresses, pillow cases, and curtains should ideally be neutral in color. Soft prints with nude-colored flower patterns can be the wallpaper.

Choose objects that share the softness of muted palettes to match the undertone of the room. You can even include vintage items like an antique lampshade to add elegance to the place.

2. Splashing Greens

Greens relate to balance and harmony. Decorating your bedroom with green helps in maintaining equilibrium in your life. That’s why having the color for your room would be great to feel serenity.

In decorating the room, use the various shades of green. Use mint or lime green for curtains while sage or emerald green for mattresses. You can even try hanging a green apple painting in your bedroom. Blend the greens with white to make the color dominant.

3. Garden Walls

To be closer to nature, you can also try painting your walls with a garden wallpaper. The backyard of a villa is an image worth having in your room. The attractive piece of plants, trees, animals, and flowers interacting is relaxing to the eyes.

Find variations of garden wallpapers in your local store or search the Internet for more pieces.

4. The Beach Vibe

This interior design can be for anybody, but beach goers will go for this idea. Dress up your bedroom with little details from that represent the beach life. Pull the beach closer to home with this decoration.

Using saturated hues and bold prints, transform your bedroom into a beach haven. Specialize on colors like sunny yellow, coral, lime green and turquoise. Place in shells as hanging pieces and add something made out of bamboo and rattan in the room. Don’t forget to include palms in the equation to complete the motif.