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Good Human Resources May Increase Your Company Profits

The Human Resource department in any organization is itself an essential department to ensure the efficient functioning of the organization. The output of an organization lies in the hands of its employees whether it is a small shop consisting of just two employees or a large scale corporation stretching overseas comprising more than a thousand employees. The size of an organization is also determined by the number of employees. Accordingly, regulation and monitoring of those employees is a key aspect to making sure that there are no problems arising which can have negative impacts on the organization. As such, HR Professionals have to carry out a variety of tasks every day to ensure positive functioning. Students aspiring to work in the corporate sector are also having the option to major in HR with improvised curriculum giving them practical knowledge. HR has become an integral part of all organizations and as such, emerged as an entirely different disciple in terms of a college degree as well.

Living in the Digital Era

We are living in a digitized age with majority of our processes automated. All kinds of information is accessible in the brink of a second. Multiple tasks can be done simultaneously. Technology is prevalent in all areas of life which is a positive factor considering that it enhanced efficacy and made several tasks a child’s play. Organizations can perform a wide array of functions all thanks to the improved communication methods. Accordingly, universities are also focusing on adding the tech element to their HR degree programs as well to prepare students for the current HR working methodologies.

Advantages of integrating technology into HR Processes

Integrating Technology into HR Processes carries several advantages such as those listed in detail below:

  • Recruitment processes can be made better. With powerful AI-powered tools and the social media, HR professionals can streamline the recruitment process and conduct verification in an enhanced manner. Social Media platforms like LinkedIn allow recruiters and prospective employees to connect with one another irrespective of distance or industry. You can outsource work and hire freelancers across the borders. Shortlisting candidates and finalizing job descriptions can be done with much more efficacy and less time wastage. A dull task such as emailing all the candidates who were not hired for a particular position can be automated as well.
  • Analytics tools can be utilized for better performance management. Since majority of records are computerized now; data can be sorted, aligned, distributed and analyzed for accurate results. Determining employees’ performances can be done rapidly with precise results. Aptitude and attitude of all employees with respect to their skill set can be determined by a number of tests. Feedback forms which can entail several kinds of employees’ responses can be used to bring about required changes within the organization and measure the motivating factors as well. Maybe a certain set of employees’ are not getting along well with their manager or they feel that they are underpaid etc. It is highly crucial to keep your employees’ motivated and enthused so that they may be able to perform exceptionally but in order to that, HR Professionals first need to work out the factors which can drive the employees’ towards zeal. This can be achieved with software based analytics tools.
  • Enriched communication; one of the best advantages technology has had to offer is the highly amended communication level. We are able to communicate on a global through a plethora of services such as mobile apps and cloud based servers etc. Employees need not stand for hours outside the HR Department when they can drop an email or send a message through the company portal to discuss regarding any issue. With majority of processes such as documentation automated, HR Professionals can also squeeze in more time intervals for holding detailed conversations with employees on all kinds of matters and resolve issues much better.
  • Technology based processes create a more cost-effective environment. When several processes are automated, such as checking employee late comings, you can save time and increase productivity therefore saving huge amounts of money. HR professionals can objectively measure the true cost of productivity for example they can start with the cost of each employee, and begin to break down the relative cost of aptitude and attitude in each case. This elongated process can be shortened down easily with the help of technology. Therefore saving time and money both!

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