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Have you failed in life?

In today’s blog, I want to talk about failures in life.

If you are reading this blog right now, you might have failed a few times in life.

It could be a failure in anything.

Relationships, Health, Career, Business, Money matters, Friends, Opportunities and so on. Failure in life is inevitable.

We are all afraid of failure.

Because when you fail, it doesn’t feel good. It hurts.

The first time I tried a custom web design under Software Company in Durgapur, it didn’t do well. I couldn’t complete my design. I blanked out and became too nervous. It was a failure.

I got rejected in my first job interview. Many of my friends got placed in the company, but I couldn’t get a job. It was a failure.

My first business idea failed. I thought I am going to build the next billion-dollar company. But no one was interested in buying our solution. It was a B2B product idea.

My relationship with my first business partner failed. And the second failed. And then the third too.

Failures make us feel bad, but it also helps us grow.

When the first time you do something, you are not sure of the amount of effort that is required to succeed. We apply some effort. And then we realize that “some” effort is not enough.

When we fail, we look at the people who succeed and we feel jealousy. But we should also understand that they have put in efforts and hard work which we have not put in yet.

Failures guide us on the road to success and failure is not the end of the road, but another milestone in the road.


We can’t just relax and say that “failing is ok” so I am not going to do anything about it.

We have to put ourselves in situations where we might fail.

And when we get the fear of failure, we will motivate ourselves to work harder.

For example, unless my first design failed, I might not have been ready to attend Web design workshops, where I had to practice a lot more. The expert would then shows of my faults, and tells us what mistakes I have done.

Such training workshops put you at the edge of your comfort zone. It’s hard but it helps you grow.

If you speak on stage, fail and then learn about it then the next time, it is not only easier to speak on stage because now you have done some learning. But the fear of failure is also less, because you have failed already, and facing failure and disappointment is not new.

With time, growth will come.

With growth, more confidence will be there.

And with more confidence, you will have a bigger capacity to face failure.

When you have the capability to face failure, you will do more things. You will not be disappointed if things didn’t work the way you wanted.

But because you are doing more things, you will get more results – and some of it will lead to success. That’s the law of life.

The closer you get to be a massive failure, the closer you will get to become a massive success.

Our success grows larger based on our courage to face bigger failures in life.

I got my first job after 4 years of graduation. Sometimes I think early success steals from bigger success possibilities in the future. If I had got my first job, maybe I wouldn’t have become a digital marketer.

From 2012 to 2016 I was indifferent jobs. I had changed jobs almost every year, but between these jobs, I also tried to start businesses and failed.

Because I failed, I was forced to learn more.

I met more people, asked more questions, read more books, read more blogs, read more industry reports, and spent more time learning things.

When you try something and fail, you also get committed to doing something, and that commitment forces you to try it again and try to succeed.

If you never do something, you are not successful yet, but you might be dreaming that in the future you will do something and become successful.

That’s why people do not take new initiatives.

But if you try something today, and fail, you have an obligation to learn and try again because failure hurts, and you want to heal it.

That’s why taking new initiatives is very important.

If I did not have the courage to do public speaking for the first time or ask for the kind of salary I thought I deserved from the company I worked for or did not start a new business until everything was perfect, whatever I have today, I would not have got it.

You are probably thinking that you will start a blog someday, write a book someday, quit your job someday, ask for a raise someday, and start a new business someday.

As long as it is someday, it will never happen.

And you will not face failure also.

It feels safe, but the cost you are paying for it is staying where you are and not growing.

When you start something today, you are also putting yourself at risk of failure, because you are not completely ready.

But you will never become completely ready unless you put yourself at risk of failure because your growth happens only when failure hurts you.

You see, time will not give you growth.

If you are thinking that you will start something after all the preparation is done – then it’s like you are saying “I will start my car only after all the signals are green”. It doesn’t work like that.

You have to start, get to the first signal, wait, and then go to the next one.

Sometimes you will get green as soon as you approach it, and sometimes you have to wait for a long time.

When you postpone starting something, the amount of enthusiasm and motivation you have to do it also keeps going down day by day.

The waiting is not making you better and better prepared for what you want to do. It’s just a reason so that you can do NOTHING today.

The secret to success is being great.

Greatness comes from learning and doing a lot.

Learning and doing is motivated by failures.

Failures only happen if you DO SOMETHING.

If you never take initiatives, you will never fail. (That’s what you are doing now, staying in the comfort zone).

If you never fail, you will never grow.

If you never grow, you can never succeed.

So the secret to success is just doing something.

Taking some initiative. And do something today.


So what are you going to do?

Will you start something today?

What initiative are you going to take today?

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