How Do You Get People Flocking At Your Exhibition Stands


Exhibitions and trade shows are an opportunity to entice new customers, scope out industry trends and make a splash with your brand.

Here’s how to create unforgettable connections with your unique exhibition banner stands.

1. Choose the right exhibition for your business

It is a huge leap towards your business while taking part in a trade event or an exhibition. It can bring in new leads and customers, boost your brand awareness, and give you insights into what competitors are doing.

It also gives you invaluable face-to-face marketing time with an audience of people who are already tuned in to the type of business you do, so you can really explore what really gets your target customers excited.

But for all those positive points, it also means a significant investment of your time and money. That’s why it’s important to consider carefully whether an event is the best next step for your business at the moment.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement when an event is announced, but for the best outcomes, you need to keep cool and think strategically with your conference stands UK.

2. Promote your presence at the event

  • Marketing in advance

Build up to the big day with a marketing campaign that lets potential customers know you’re going to be there:

  • Social media

It’s a superb platform for building excitement. Use a little-and-often approach to remind people about your exhibition banner stand, and offer previews and hints about what’s in store on the day.

Find out the event hashtag and use it in all your event-related updates on Twitter, Facebook and whichever other channels you use.

You could even create a special offer for customers who find you through social media. This not only entices more visits to your booth, but it’s also great for testing out which channels your customers are finding you on.

  • Advertising

This can be another handy option depending on your budget. Consider trade magazines – especially for trade shows and trade fairs where the audience is very specialized – and check with the event organizers whether there’s ad space available in the show brochure or website.

  • Email newsletters

Use your email newsletter to go into more detail about the event, including the days and times, where to find your stand on the floor plan, and what you have to offer on the day – whether that’s demonstrations, a chance to meet experts, a drop-in workshop or clinic, or a preview of new products and services.

  • Packaging

If you sell physical products, you could drop a Flyer into your packages to promote your presence at the event. Try adding an exclusive discount – maybe a rebate on the ticket price or a 10% off a purchase at your booth – to encourage your customers to visit.

  • Think about takeaway messages

As well as planning ahead, think about what happens after the event. Attendees are likely to go home buzzing with new ideas and information from the day. They’ll have seen a lot of businesses and absorbed a lot of ideas, so make the most of all the excitement.

3. Connect with visitors

People like being around others who make them smile – so why not focus on being the exhibitor that makes attendees feel great?

Events are the best way in which you can demonstrate the voice of your brand. Hopefully, your number one priority is delighting your customers.

This is the reason why you need to staff your event with a friendly company representative and urging to stay engaged with the visitors.

If you want to attract visitors as broadly as possible, it’s worth knowing about these different groups and their motivations. While going on telegraphing as you need to offer to more of the specialized audience as you need to have a general appeal in the form of an attractive outdoor exhibition stand design.

Along with being with the attractive displays along with the friendly staffs. Cues like brand names, logos and the language you use in your on-stand marketing can all strengthen your specialist appeal.

  • Keep conversations going

When someone visits your stand, you have the chance to forge an ongoing connection that could lead to new business opportunities or collaborative work.

To get to that point, you need to maintain an enjoyable conversation and build from a casual chat to a more meaningful exchange. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Smile and make eye contact

Use non-verbal communication to welcome passers-by to your booth and encourage them to stop and say hello while holding them back at your banner stands. When they do, be quick to extend a handshake and exchange names.

  • Get to know them

Find out what brought them to the event, how it’s going for them and what they’ve enjoyed so far. As well as talking directly about your business, build rapport by finding out where they’ve studied, what their goals are and what they enjoy in their free time. It may seem like small talk but it can help you establish a personal connection.