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How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together?

Why Content Marketing is So Important?

“Content is the king.” Aah! I am certain that you detest this phrase as much as the next door boy does. But you like it or not, content is the one true king. Not in the north, but in the internet world for sure. It is not a new concept but the Importance of Content Marketing for SEO is more preeminent than ever before.

What Exactly Do You Mean by Content?

Imagine the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google without content. There would be blank spaces no would like to visit. Advertisements, videos, memes, paid ads, media channels, everything is one or the other kind of content. It builds trust, generates leads, and nurture customer loyalty.

What Kind of Content Does People Want?

The end users have a thing or a strong appetite for good information. All of us search for the products or services online prior to any purchase. We compare features, prices, sites before settling with something. People want that. That content which assists them in making decisions. Gone are the days where old-school tactic worked for both Business to business and Business to Customers. Customers now tune to search engines to access information from politics to PubG.

I do not think you still have a doubt why is it important for your business. However, before dancing into the terms what content marketing services and the interrelationship between them, let us understand what the phrases actually are.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of enhancing your traffic and attracting visitors to your website aka your business. SEO without content marketing is more like a fish without water. Both have to go hand-in-hand to reach the end. Just scroll down to know how:

Elements that Fuel Your Online Business

  • Keywords: No, keywords are not D.E.A.D! Even though things started changing in 2010 when Google has removed the keyword data from the web analytics, keywords importance is still on fire. SEO is all about finding the relevant keywords and stuffing them in your content according to strategies. It helps in ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).The ultimate purpose of keywords is to align your content with the intentions of someone who visits your website by using a search query existing that keyword. SEO services are at your service to let you know what kind of keywords you have to implement in your content.

    Analyze the tactics of your closely associated businesses or industries and understand the competitive keywords. Certain ideas could be using a Google Keyword Planner or keyword analysis tools available in the market now to know the keyword volume and its associated competition.

  • Well crafted content: When talking about content, you might be aware of the fuss around the “high-quality” content. So what is big deal in it? Is it written by professional writers? Content that is entirely full of industry jargon?There was a time when search engines ranked content based on keyword inclusion. But times have changed and search engines changed their priorities in ranking top-notch content. Content now has to be informational. Creative, high-quality, and unique content only has the ability to answer the queries quickly, clearly, and completely. Your content must solve a particular issue and also lure the clients.

    The Importance of Content Marketing for SEO lies in the consistency. Detailed content can get indexed soon and ranks higher than merely parroting the same thing which is already out there. And crafting this is not as hard as it sounds. Anyone with a thimbleful of written communications skills can do a Google search and start working on. But copying the same content would get you anything.

    Keeping this in mind, bring your voice and add own flairs to the posts you write. Supplement some crispy phrases from the current movies or web series to make it more appealing. These factors would set your draft apart from the rest for sure.

    But crafting eye-catching content is not done. You have to ensure that reaches your targeted audience. When you emphasize what the end reader actually wants or needs or desires that then your own, your article would be in top for years to come.

  • Traffic: To skyrocket your website traffic, inbound linking of SEO Services plays a major role. The posts that are ranked higher by Google has to the best of 1500 to 2000 words as longer posts lure more shares and backlinks. Providing all the information by limiting yourself to 500 words is of no use. While creating a longer post, make certain that you do an in-depth research about the topic as people are going to believe in what you are providing there.Also, connecting your links with the high-domain sites like .edu or .org could rapidly increases the traffic. Create stellar content, get a backlink, and boost the traffic. Boom!


As I said in the beginning, content marketing and SEO are two inseparable streams. Both have to go hand-in-hand for the desired results. No compromise. Content marketing would only get succeed with an appropriate SEO. Now the ball is in your court. What’s your take?

Siva Rama has a blend of digital marketing strategies. He is a Search Engine Optimization Expert specialized in dressing websites to rank on the first page of Google through his on-page optimization tactics. His blogging skills are just banged on to the enthusiastic digital marketing learners. Succeeded in scaling up the businesses with his knack for online marketing. He has a decent track record of achieving sustained results in paid search advertising and search engine optimization across local and national patrons. His approach is holistic and always in line with Google guidelines. He has a knack for social media marketing and the results are nothing but commendable. When he is not fighting with the search engine you can find him playing sports or binge-watching TV series.


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