How to Deal with Employee Attendance Efficiently with HR Software?


If you are running an organization, managing employee attendance will have surfaced as an issue frequently. But a proper solution is always under-discussed because of the other problems. Apparently, a lot of problems have their roots in poor attendance management such as time theft, absenteeism, etc. We shall have a look at the use of HR Software solutions to cope up with these problems and how these solutions make employee
attendance management simple and cost-effective. Dive in deeper and gain deep insights on the subject in order to settle problems once and for all.

Fighting Absenteeism:

When the employees do not report to their jobs on a frequent basis as per pre-decided schedule. This results in a direct reduction of organizational efficiency as the work allotted to each individual employee is a part of the larger picture which means constant delays in project completion. The overall loss in revenue due to late projects and damaged market reputation which makes your survival as a business very though and fruitless.

The HR and Payroll Software based on the cloud model is capable of integrating the biometric machines with the system along with advanced modes of punching such as through the ESS Portal and the Geo Fencing. The HR Software can thus help the HR administrators to track down the severity and intensity of absenteeism. The correlation between the two makes the management aware of the possible delays and preventive measures. Thus, better policies can be formulated by counseling the employees if they have genuine problems such
as commuting issues, work pressure, and dissatisfaction with their current profiles. So
curbing absenteeism can be efficiently managed with an HR Software and the comprehensive attendance reports are a major tool in proper analysis.

Time theft and HR Software:

One of the major concern for any employer is time theft. The employees may mark their attendance on the physical register and not perform their work irrespective of being resent. This is a larger problem as you may wrongly estimate your capacity and fail to deliver on the expected deadlines. Such unethical practices also result in payment against the work which isn’t done and thus, you end up losing money and failing to get your work done at the time. The HR Software also has the Performance Management Systems which checks the productive output of the employees with respect to the standard output within the company and the established in the industry. This helps to ensure proper productivity and upholding proper practices for remuneration and to reward the ardworking and deserving candidates. The extensive data recorded over a period of time ensure proper adherence to the laid down norms of the efficiency to ensure proper performance on a constant basis.


The employee making punch or signing the registers which ultimately makes you pay for the employees who don’t even work for you. So you need to see if the employees are actually present or the dummy employees are flooding your salary reports. Another malpractice is the employees working deliberately on lower efficiently on the client end. The consulting firms are prone to make such miscalculating. The major benefit of the cloud-based HR Software solutions in this context is that they also help in timekeeping. The
employees can make their timesheet entries in the ESS Portals and the software automatically makes the remuneration calculations. Both the employee and the employers are on the safe side as there can’t be any sort of cheating from either of the parties. The software also makes reports which are suitable for compliance and audit purposes. Most
of the businesses are in dire need to check the employee regularity which the hidden challenge they are struggling with on a constant basis.

Another dimension of such systems is that the employees who are working from their homes and the individuals who are engaged on the basis of casual employment as opposed by the regular modes of employment. Their compliance and the related disbursement is also taken care of without spending any extra hours or the time and effort in the process. Thus if you are willing to keep the regularity of the employees, make sure to invest in
an HR Software with integrated Attendance Management module.