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How to Export Contacts from Gmail to Computer?

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Are you looking to Export Contacts from Gmail to Computer/Local PC/ Phone? Here, you will learn to how to transfer Gmail contacts to PC without any hassle. Just follow the complete guide discussed here and get

In today’s digital world, millions of users have Gmail account and accessed Gmail emails and contacts. Although, Google has been the most widely used search engine since the beginning of digital world. Gmail features lots of additional services such as emails, contacts, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, You Tube, G+, and many more services. All these services will be easily accessed by just creating a simple Gmail account provided by Google to make our life easy and trendy. As we all know, the digital world is growing rapidly to access our data fast by keeping it secure. So in order to grow the fastest network, we have to find the easy accessibility towards the digital world. Unfortunately, sometimes we face the problem of data loss of our Gmail account. In several situations, each and every one of us should keep data back up in our computer.

I’m here to describe about, “How we can export contacts from our Gmail account to our computer” which brings an easy and advance accessibility to the individuals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Export Google Contacts

There are a lot of possible ways to export the contacts but I’ll explain the easiest way to move contacts from Gmail to computer, so, we can get the accessibility with these super easy steps:-

1. Open a Google contact site

The primary step to export Google Contacts to local PC is given below which provides the accessibility for our Gmail contacts.

google contacts

1(a). Open Google Contacts site directly.

1(b). Open Google contacts via Gmail account.

(i). Open Gmail Account and click on Google Apps :: which is available on top.

(ii) Click on Contacts.

open contact from Gmail2. Go for the Older Version

Rather to use new version, you have to go with the older version as it only provides the export function to us.

old contacts from gmail

3. Click on the MORE

In order to transfer Google contacts, we have to first select contact list and then click on More button on top.

4. Click on the EXPORT

Click on More button and choose export option from the drop down menu.

click on export

5. Move on to “All Contacts” Section

Now, a pop window opens and asks to Export Contacts. This option provides us the both, the selected contact to move or to go with `all contacts` to export from account. So, we mark the option of All contacts or as per our requirements.

6. Afterwards Click to the Contact Export Format

We all know about the export file formats, i.e.:

  1. Google CSV format: Suitable for those who want to export contacts to another Gmail account.
  2. Outlook CSV format: Suitable for those who want to add these contacts to other media like Yahoo, Outlook and other email clients.
  3. VCard format: suitable for those who want to add these contacts to iph (apple) mail.

Then we’ll go with the most suitable file format option for us.

7. Click to the Export button

After, following all these steps, the last step is to click on the Export button which helps us to move all the contacts from Gmail to computer.

click on export to move google contacts

These are all about the steps which we have to follow to move the contacts from Gmail to computer.

The computer contacts provide us the easy accessibility and also providing the back up for future. So, there is nothing to worry about the data loss. It also provides the benefit to change the export format as per the suitability which is useful for the people who want to keep their contacts secure and safe.

This article is all about the valuable and informative purpose. I hope everyone who read this article will surely get some valuable information through this. Hope we all are able to understand, how to take an informative move towards the digital world and export Gmail contacts to computer or Local PC.

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