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How To Furnish Your First Apartment For Cheap

Whether you’re going to buy a home for the first time or renting your very first apartment, you must be quite excited about all of this. However, the endeavor tends to be quite expensive and you have to buy a lot of new things to set up your new home. One of the biggest expenditures here is that of the new furniture pieces that you’ll have to buy while furnishing your new home. When it comes to furnishing an apartment, it’s quite an expensive expedition and things can become even harder for you to manage if you haven’t budgeted for the move.

You may be tempted to purchase furniture with your credit card or with the help of some payment plan, but it can take years for you to pay it all off and the costs will be multiplied as well. So, let’s check out some easy options you have for buying furniture for your new home.

1. Only Buy The Essentials First

When it comes to furnishing your new home on a budget, you should start by purchasing what you need instantly. These can include items like a kitchen table or a bed. Remember to use tools like Calculator All to determine the area you have at hand and then buy furniture items that fit in perfectly. Consider the area you have to occupy with your furniture pieces and then prepare your list of items that you have to buy. The list of items should be organized according to priority level of the items that you have to purchase.

A bed is the most basic furniture piece that is also a must-have in any home or apartment. However, if you can work things around by buying a mattress, a bed frame and a box spring, that would be great. You can buy a bedroom suite later when you can actually afford one.

2. Ask For Some Hand-Me-Downs

When you are working with a small budget, it is a great idea to ask your family and friends to hand you down some furniture pieces that they may not be using anymore. Online platforms like Craigslist can also give you a cheap option to buy desired furniture pieces in really good condition.

But before buying any furniture, ensure that it is pest free and very clean. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your bedroom to be infested with bed bugs at all. It is also advised that your new couch should be shampooed and vacuumed before being brought home. Similarly, you should wipe down any metal, wooden, or plastic items as well. If it had been there in storage, it’s quite possible that it has spiders and other bugs in it. So, you should first do a bit of cleaning before actually moving it into the new home.

3. Borrow From Your Family And Friends

Now, that’s another cool option to try when you cannot buy your own new furniture pieces for the new home at the moment. For instance, you might want to borrow a microwave or a television until you buy one of your own. Yes, furnishing a home is not just about furniture pieces rather you have many other essentials to take care of as well.

It can be a good fix for the time being, especially, when you’re sure you’ll be able to buy new stuff pretty soon. Generally, it is quite easy to borrow smaller items because you can easily move them.

4. Buy Used Stuff

Buying used furniture is always a good option for saving money while furnishing your new home in the best possible manner. The classifieds, yard sales, and Craigslist are perfect choices to buy good quality used furniture items and that too at quite low price. It is also possible to buy furniture at the thrift stores.

You may need to refinish some of the furniture pieces that you buy used but all your effort will be well worth it. You just need to be patient for buying right furniture piece at right price. You can take this route for buying accent pieces such as side tables as well as bigger pieces like dressers or kitchen tables.

5. Shop Bargains And Sales

If you have a limited budget to deal with, you can save considerable amount of money by shopping bargains and sales to get the desired furniture pieces at your desired price. At times, discounts can be negotiated on the floor models for getting the right price. You can also wait for special days like Labor Day or Memorial day to grab the best deals on variety of furniture items.

Taking this approach will allow you to save considerable amount of money, particularly when you opt to pay with cash. You can also grab good deals at discount clubs if you choose to buy your desired furniture items there. Also you should search for saving and money from some online business who allowed cheaper deal.

So, these are some of the options you can try to furnish your new apartment for cheap. It is always advisable that you should try to accumulate your furniture pieces gradually when you are on a tight budget. Start by buying the bare essentials and then continue to add more furniture items as you have more cushion to spend money on it. Over time, you will be able to have a fully furnished home with all the nice furniture items that you have always wanted. Just move things around a bit and achieve a perfect layout for your new home once you have all the furniture pieces you need.

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