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How to Pack for Moving to a New Home

Most people living in rental homes need to relocate due to multiple reasons. The process of shifting is stressful, and it takes time to move to a new location. Packing is the most time taking process in relocation. Yes, packing takes most of the time and effort when a family needs to relocate.

However, it is possible to make the process easy and simple. If you start early and plan before packing, it is possible to pack all your stuff within a few days. This post shares some packing tips for moving to a new house.

Start early

The best you can do to simplify your move is to start packing as soon as possible. No matter how fast you do things, packing always takes more time than you think. Therefore, it is best to start packing as early as possible. Start with the items you don’t use or rarely use and pack the things that you use daily in the last few days.

Have a packing room

You should not use the entire house for packing as it will create a mess in the home. Instead, use one place for packing so that you don’t disturb the comfort of your family members. Choose a small room for packing and keep all the things like bubble wrap, markers, tapes, cardboard boxes, crates, etc.

Declutter first

It is essential to declutter the stuff before beginning with the packing. Without decluttering, it would take more time to organize and pack the things as everything is unorganized while living in a house. Even if you spend an entire day to declutter the stuff, it will save you time while packing.

Collect packing essentials

Nobody likes to rush to the market to buy things like tapes, scissors, bubble sheet while packing. Therefore, you should collect all the elements required for packing such as cardboard boxes, tapes, scissors, markers, bubble sheets, nails, etc before beginning the process. Collecting all the packing essentials will save you time and enable you to pack in less time.

Save on packing boxes

Get the packing boxes from the grocery stores, or a home appliances store. Although they sell them in scrap, you can get the boxes at a cheaper rate. Moreover, you can get boxes from many other stores at an affordable price to save money. If you want crate boxes, call a carpenter and ask him to make it for you instead of buying new boxes.

Don’t pack anything empty

There are things like cupboards, suitcases that people carry empty in the truck. There is no need to empty the closets and bags. Instead, fill them with stuff can transport them filled. Your stuff will take less space in the truck, and you will need fewer boxes to pack the things. So, make use of the cupboards, almirahs, and suitcases while packing.

One room a day

Do not try to pack the stuff of the entire house every day. Instead, pack the items of only one room in a day. If a room has more stuff, pack it in two days, but don’t focus on multiple rooms in a day. Packing the stuff of one room a day will make the process simpler and reduce the stress of packing.

Label the boxes

It is essential to label the boxes as you pack. For example, if you use two boxes to pack all the stuff in your kitchen, mark them as Kitchen-1 and Kitchen-2. Do it similarly for all the other rooms like the living room and bedrooms. Labeling the boxes will help you find things when you arrive at your new home.

Pack an essentials box

There are many things that you need on the last day before the move, on a moving day and after arrival in your new home. You need to pack an essentials box with all the items that you need on the last day, moving day and immediately after arrival at your new location.

Take care of your family

Moving is stressful, and all the stuff is moved here and there in the house. Your family members feel stress when they don’t find the things they need immediately. You need to take care of their comfort and provide them what they need in the process of packing and moving. Take care of your kids, spouse, elders, and pets while you make arrangements for your move.

Final Words

These are some tips to pack for a move. In addition to packing, you should also hire a professional house removalist to transfer your stuff to the new location. Planning your move and beginning the packing early allows you to have enough time to plan the things. Following the packing tips in this post can help families to pack efficiently for their move that saves time, effort, and money.

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