Important Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Panerai Watch

Panerai Watch

Buying a perfect time-piece is probably the most exciting thing ever. They are fashionable, perfect and make you look classy. These factors have driven most of us to resort to premium watch makers. One of the most prominent names is Panerai.
Panerai is an Italian company that was started in Florence in the year 1860. Headquartered in Geneva, Panerai manufactures in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

While buying a Panerai watch, there are several things to bear in mind.

1. The Mechanics – Most luxury watches are mechanically operated and do not run on batteries that are replaceable. They run with the help of an intricate system of springs and clamps that require regular servicing. The servicing cost is not always cheap. They are expensive primarily because each of these pieces is often assembled by hand and not by machines. So, this just makes them all the more valuable.

2. The Features – Most Panerai watches have the same features as any other watch. Frequent flyers may choose the one which shows the time in multiple zones. Few might just want to stick to a dial with a minute and seconds hand. Many would want to have the date and day displayed. There are anti-magnetic watches designed for technicians and engineers. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough look at the features of the watch before buying it. The watch will surely up your image. But it is also bound to reveal a lot about the individual itself. Choosing a watch is just as important as choosing a career.

3. The Make – Stainless steel cases on the dials can stand the test of time. It is also decently versatile. These casings can also take a load and if the individual likes the look of a worn-out watch, this type of watches is perfect. Stainless steel can make the watches a little heavier than the ones with titanium casing. Titanium casings do not cause any allergy as such. So, people with sensitive skin can opt for a Panerai watch with titanium casings on the dial.

Apart from the dial, it is important to ensure that the material of the strap is as desired. The strap can be made of calf-skin or rubber. Of late, nylon straps are the new cool.
The straps are of different colours and the common ones are black, beige and brown. There are a few unconventionally coloured straps that Panerai manufactures as well. Panerai was one of the first to start the culture of letting the customers change straps. So, they also have this facility in many of their products.

4. Colour of the dial – Most Panerai watches have conventional black coloured dials. But there are a couple of models that have different colours as well. It is important to ensure that the time is clearly readable in differently lit conditions. For this, it is important to have a contrasting colour of needles.

5. The Maker – It is important to buy these watches from authorised stores. There several dummy Panerai watches that we find on the streets. A real Panerai watch would come with a user manual, a guarantee card and would bear the original logo. It may be important to check the Panerai watches price in the authorized stores before buying from any other outlet.

It helps them convey a message of strength to the people around, because, wearing the watch is like a wearing a military equipment on the hand. A mix of Italian style with Swiss craftsmanship, Panerai watches were conceived out of a demand from the Italian imperial naval force in 1936 for dependable, water-safe watches. The underlying watch was the Radiomir, which was trailed by the Luminor. Adored for their strong sizes, magnificent quality and unmistakable styling, every Panerai watch has made its very own group with a symphonic mix of value, extravagance, and individual articulation. These watches are rugged and simple, unlike many other premium watches. Therefore, a Panerai watch is a must-buy for men and women.

To the untrained eye, all the Panerai watches for men may look the same. But each model varies from another in subtle ways. These military – like watches make the wearers look bold and masculine.