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Indian Culture VS Western Culture

Indian and western cultures have large difference in-between. Like a coin has two sides, similarly, both Indian and western culture have its merits and demerits. The culture followed by Indian people is known as Indian culture. The culture that is followed by western countries is known as western culture.

Culture is an essential part of one’s life. Culture needs to be respected by all as it reflects one’s daily life. The advanced globalization is vision a lot of changes in the lifestyle of both the Indians and the western people. But still, there are some practices in both the countries that cannot be changed with the passing days.

1. Attires

Ways of dressing are the huge difference between these two cultures. Anyone can easily guess the person’s origin from their attires. Dressing style becomes the most common difference both the cultures.

In India, you can find the stores and boutiques that display the varieties of clothes according to different cultures. If ever you visit ladies ethnic wear in Amravati, you will get to see all Indian traditional fashion wears for women.

Salwar kurta, Churidar, Ghaghra choli, and sari are some examples of attires that are worn by Indian women and it displays Indian culture.

Gowns, skirts long and short, jeans, t-shirts, one-piece, and sundresses are some of the common examples of attires that are worn in western countries. It fairly displays the western culture.


2. Dance forms

Dancing forms are the most striking part of a culture. There is nothing more to describe the different dancing forms of Indian and western culture. We all must be much clear what western dance forms are. Any age people in India and in western countries both are closely familiar with western dance forms. Because western dance forms are easily seen in movies, music shoots, advertises, and any culture songs.

 This doesn’t mean that Indian dance forms are not popular or liked. The Indian dance forms are much popular than the western dance forms. There are many different Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, or Ghoomer are related to different states in India.

Salsa, Break-dance, Tap-dance; Hip-hop, and ballet are the different dance forms in western countries.

The attires for each dance forms also vary. Like for an Indian dance form, there are particular ways of dressing. These dresses are not available in any common stores. But, you need to visit the special stores that collect these kinds of dance dresses. There are ladies boutiques in Amravati that shows interest in collecting the various dance forms dresses. Such boutiques sell it and often avails it on rent.

To perform a dance in any cultural programme, the interested person most like to collect the dresses on rent.

For western dance, there are no such specific dresses. They are mostly seen wearing jeans and skirts.

3. Marriage

The wedding is another factor that shows the great difference between the two cultures.

In India, marriages are mostly arranged. It is said to be bonding not only between two people, but it is a bonding between the two people and sometimes two different communities.

In India, parents take responsibility to find a suitable life partner for their wards and select the best one with the consent of their wards. But nowadays, in this advanced globalization, the males and females often find the candidates they feel suitable for them.

In western countries, it is found that the candidates are mostly responsible to find their life partners. The parents are obviously involved in all other ceremonies.

Indian weddings are full of dramas and functions. The family members including the bride and bridegroom are very much involved in each and every function. The dressing plays a great role in Indian weddings.

Gorgeous, beautiful, heavy embroidered, glassworks and designer wears are needed to be collected. Every person would invest time selecting dresses that avail them an appealing and unique look in the crowd.

In wedding season, in India, you can find the heavy rush in boutiques. To have a view of such rush, visit the boutique in Amravati. These boutiques are prepared with different designer wears for each function of any wedding ceremony.

Similarly, the western culture also has their different attires for the marriage ceremony. The women usually wear a white gown and the male is seen wearing a black coat, trousers, and a white shirt with a bow tie.

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