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Lose Weight with These Exercises to Do in the Pool

Although it’s time to say goodbye to good weather, you do not have to say goodbye to the pool. Both for fun and to get fit. And is that the pool is a perfect space to get in shape beyond swimming. A good exercise routine to do in the pool will help you lose weight. It is a great way to do high-intensity exercise using water resistance. With less muscular heaviness and in a fresh and fun way.

Exercises to Do in the Pool That will Help You Lose Weight and Tone the Body

There are a large number of gym exercises that you can do in the pool. You can try to create your own routine of slimming pool exercises. These exercises are perfect to complete a different routine. But you can remove or add those that seem appropriate.
In any case, the important thing is that you combine different pool exercises that help you work in different areas of the body. And that combine cardio and strength exercises. Thus, you can burn calories and improve muscle tone at the same time.

1. Race on the Site

the race on the site is one of the simplest exercises to lose weight in the pool. You can make them next to the edge or in a central area. Of course, try to choose a place where you do not disturb other users’ long, if any. It is also important that the water covers you at least above the abdomen.

This exercise is as simple as doing a sprint without advancing, staying on the site. You must raise your knees to your chest, alternating one and the other. Try to do it as fast as possible for 30-40 seconds. As if you were trying to run on land.

2. Bicycle on the Water

The bicycle is one of the most classic gym exercises. And very effective to work the legs as well as to burn calories. You have probably seen many people do these exercises in the pool.

With the back touching the wall of the pool rests on the edge of it the elbows. Stretching the legs to remain lying in the water, elevates the feet. Then, simulate the movement of pedaling taking out and putting the legs of the water. In addition, you must get the core at the same time.

Make a two-minute session at maximum power. You can repeat this exercise twice if you want to do an exercise routine for a long pool. But another area of the body works between both courses.

3. Side Jumps

Another of the exercises to do in the pool that should not be lacking in a good routine are the lateral jumps. They are very simple. But also very demanding.

This exercise consists of jumping laterally and alternately to left and right. The legs and feet must remain together at all times. You should try to raise the knees to the chest, taking the maximum possible height. Use your arms to balance yourself.

Make a tanda of 20 movements. Remember that the jump to the left and the jump back to the right form a single movement. These jumps are a great way to burn calories.

4. Exercises to Do in the Pool with Dumbbells

There are exercises to do in the pool with very interesting weights. The problem? They are only suitable for private pools and gym courses. It is rare to allow working with these elements in public pools. And, in addition, they would force you to move your dumbbells to the pool. This is not exactly comfortable.

Are you lucky enough to have a private pool in which to train? Get yourself a set of water dumbbells. And include in your routines exercises with them.

  • Make curls for two minutes. You must keep your whole body under water except your head. Do the curls exactly as you would on the ground.
  • Keep your arms straight on each side of your body in an area of the pool where the water covers you up to your neck. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Push both dumbbells down through the water until they touch the sides. And raise them until your arms are parallel to each other out of the water. Repeat for two minutes.
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