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Make Kingdom Vapor Your Top E Cigarette Wholesale Distributor

As a vape shop owner or manager, you probably have a repertoire of suppliers that help balance out and constitute your stock of inventory. Doubtless your research has found you suppliers with fair prices and reliable logistics departments or partners that attain fair shipping times. Those are essentials and necessary when gauging the value of a supply chain partner from among the pool of E Cigarette Wholesale Distributors . There is, however, a choice in the market for a wholesale partner among these that is so much more than just a supplier, where you will of course find the essentials to keep your shop healthy and profitable and at excellent rates too. Yet this partner is more than just an excellent choice for pricing and popularity of inventory. At Kingdom Vapor, you’ll find not only a selection of product that is second to none, but you will gain a partner in the field that will be an advocate for vapers’ rights, and you will be gaining a consultative business partner that will help you gauge customer perceptions and other trends that make up the pool of intangibles that can make or break businesses in all markets.

First and foremost, at Kingdom Vapor you’ll be getting access to a pool of inventory that is first rate and incomparable to others. Kingdom Vapor keeps the most popular brands of mods and e cigs from brands such as Wismec, Smok, and Vapor Storm in all sorts of configurations. You’ll find selections of the most basic e cigs with top fill tanks and single button operation. Then again you’ll find the most high tech mods with all the frills such as overcharging and overdischarge protection as well as controls for temperature, resistance and power. No shop could be complete without e liquids, and at Kingdom Vapor you’ll find top selling customer favorites such as Keep It 100, King of the Cloud and Sad Boy. You’ll also find constant new additions to the repertoire like Fryd and Hedz e liquids. You’ll even find nicotine salts, treasured for their potency, and Kingdom Vapor’s own line of customer acclaimed e liquids. It doesn’t stop there, however, because at Kingdom Vapor you’ll have access to all the accessories to complete your vape shop and enable your customers to customize, repair and replace parts. From tanks and glass to batteries, drip tips and atomizers, there’s nothing lacking at Kingdom Vapor. And not only does Kingdom Vapor have excellent prices, they require no minimum order quantities to lock in those prices. What you see is what you get, whether you need one unit or five hundred to keep your customers satisfied and sales forecasts fulfilled.

As if an unparalleled selection and an honest pricing strategy were not even stock in their own right to make Kingdom Vapor number one in your retinue of top e cigarette wholesale distributors, they maintain a staff of professionals that are ever ready to help answer your questions about products, customer uses and customer perceptions of brands, vendors, and products in specific. Approachable, accessible, and knowledgeable, Kingdom Vapor’s train of staff are the perfect complement to their unmatched product base and a worthy weapon any shop owner would be proud to keep in his arsenal.

A final consideration to make is Kingdom Vapor’s unflinching advocacy for vaper’s rights in a time when new regulations are trimming away vapers’ rights. To those who enjoy the reflective enjoyment of billowing clouds of delicious vapor, Kingdom Vapor is a worthy ally, and as a vape shop owner you will be protecting your own interests as well as your customers by partnering with Kingdom Vapor. To get started stocking up by Kingdom Vapor head to www.kingdomvapor.com.

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