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Phase Converters Add More Life to Equipment

Phase converters are rotating machines. These are very much the same as motors. They convert single-phase grid power into 3-phase electricity so you can operate 3-phase equipment. In some areas, the utility 3-phase is a bit too expensive to install or it is simply not available. For these areas, the phase converters are a very useful device as they allow you to use the 3-phase equipment without much expense. In the past, these converters were very expensive and not everyone was able to afford it. With modern advancements in technology the cost of these converters has come down and now almost everyone is able to buy a phase converter for use at home or at the office.

With a high demand in the market for the phase converters many companies are now manufacturing it and due to this competition, the prices have come down. There are many benefits to using a phase converter as follows:

  1. Phase converters are a low-cost solution. Instead of rewiring or buying new equipment to replace the 3-phase equipment, you can buy a phase converter if you have only the single-phase grid power. You can find nice models online at an affordable cost. The converter is shipped to your doorstep and financing is also available with some dealers online.
  2. Phase converters work efficiently and are very durable. As compared to equipment that runs on a single-phase current, the 3-phase equipment proves to be more durable and also runs more efficiently. With a longer life to your equipment, you save a lot of money in the long run as there will be no need for repairs and replacements. All the home appliances and tools that run on 3-phase electric current are known to be more durable and reliable. All this is because the 3-phase current can work well under stress and makes a good sine wave.
  3. These converters have the plug and play choice for phase conversion.
  4. You can use one converter for several machines to run simultaneously. This allows you to run your project in a cost-efficient manner.
    Phase converters are of three types, static, rotary and digital. First, we will discuss the static and rotary converters. Both work in a different manner but do the same job. They are also built in the same way. The only difference in the designs is that in a static converter there is only one idler motor while in a rotary converter there are two idler motors. This addition makes the rotary converter a more efficient converter than the static counterpart. For your equipment, you need to choose the right converter and a salesperson can help you out online.

Some people may want to build their own converter using the do-it-yourself kits. This could be a very dangerous project for you as you can start a fire and get an electric shock as well. It is wiser to just buy a readymade converter rather than to risk your life and personal assets. The fire you crate can spread and cause a danger to human life.

The rotary converters are better than static ones and the digital ones are even better than the rotary ones. The rotary converters functions as both a motor and a generator. They have a single-phase motor that drives the generator to create 3-phase power. It appears like a big motor with a big junction box. These converters may be more costly than the static ones but do not have reduced power problems. When you use equipment with specific horsepower, the static converter can reduce the HP and with the rotary converter, there is no such a problem. You need to know your power needs and then buy a converter to suit the requirements. Proper sizing will help you buy the right equipment that works efficiently.

In a digital phase converter, a rectifier and an inverter create a single-phase current. It uses power electronics that are added to the two legs of the single-phase. The new single voltage that is produced matches perfectly the voltage and frequency of the incoming single-phase current. The result is a well-balanced 3-phase sine wave output. These converters are more efficient than rotary converters. As compared to a rotary converter, a digital converter will only use power if a load is present. It uses very little power for internal use.

For running generators and other industrial equipment, the use of phase converters makes business operations more productive. It is the most cost-effective way of supplying a 3-phase current to your equipment so they can run efficiently and have a longer life. It is best to buy digital converters due to their modern features. Online you can find various models to choose from. Once you place an order the converter will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

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