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Proven Tips to Lose Weight Easily

Many of the people who come to the gym to lose weight go up the spinning bike to the treadmill or the elliptical with the certainty that they are facing the most effective sports modalities to lose weight. A generalized belief that has a great part of certain although it presents some details that should be qualified.

For this same reason we are going to analyze the calories, the advantages, and the benefits that the elliptical and spinning bicycle and the treadmill provide to our organism. Burn fat in a short time is possible thanks to these three efficient gym machines. We leave you with the pros and cons to lose weight with each of them.

Weight loss and calorie burn

We start with what is allegedly the greatest virtue of these three machines. The ability to lose weight that have both the elliptical as the tape or the exercise bike is virtually unquestionable. We will hardly find another sport more effective to lose weight in a short time.

For those people who want to lose weight the recommendation of these three sports modalities is very appropriate. In a fairly short interval of time you can do a good job of cardio that allows us to burn a significant amount of calories that is translated, after days and sessions, in a loss of weight.

At the calorie burning level, say that the value will vary a lot depending on the duration and intensity of the training. In a good class of spinning we will burn, minimum, 500-600 kcal, being able to reach 700-800 while in an hour of elliptical we can get to burn around 1000 calories.

To get on the treadmill the caloric expenditure can also exceed 700-800 calories in 60 minutes.

I advise you not to get obsessed with this data, keep in mind that the data provided by all fitness machines are for guidance and that to know exactly you should enter accurately your profile (height, weight, pulsations etc.  …).

If you want to know the calories that are burned with each sport you can take a look at the interesting table of calories per sport for 1 hour of activity and a person of 73kgs:

  • Low impact aerobic exercise 365
  • Aerobic exercise on the water 402
  • Bike ride <10 mph 292
  • Ballroom dance 219
  • Elliptical machine, moderate effort 365
  • Golf, loading the clubs 314
  • Hiking 438
  • Running, 5 mph 606
  • Alpine skiing 314
  • Swimming, light or moderate swimming 423
  • Walking, 3.5 mph 314

Burning fat

Many people think that the more calories we consume the faster we will eliminate the belly and tone the arms, legs and abs. serious error

This will be the case as long as we increase the caloric expenditure above the intakes, favoring, as is logical, the loss of weight. The truth is that only with this type of aerobic work there are people who respond very well, training in the “fat-burning” area and losing weight with some ease, without needing to change eating habits. Too many others, unfortunately, the same thing does not happen to them. The main causes are known: increased appetite, exercise as a pretext to eat more (and / or worse), low energy consumption due to the low intensity of activity and an increasingly efficient metabolic behavior before the same exercise and intensity that does not contribute to the burning of fats.

Doing cardio is important, but doing mindless cardio will not be enough many times to lose abdominal fat, tone your legs or gluts, for example.  Often to be more effective we must introduce specific strength training as well as high intensity exercises for greater muscle activation and mobilization of fats.

More complete activity

If you are looking for your physical activity to be as complete as possible you should take into account mainly the muscle groups that work with each of them.

In the case of the static bicycle or spinning bicycle, although the caloric consumption is important, the muscles that intervene during the activity are quite limited. The joints and muscles of the lower trunk are the main motor for this activity, although a well-directed spinning class will force us to stand up and vary the position precisely to work other areas of the body.

As for the treadmill activity may be somewhat more complete because the muscles of the legs must be added to the work done with the arms and that we realize without realizing when we walk or run using the balance of them to push us in our stride. This translates into a light load of work that unlike the bicycle forces us to activate other muscle groups of the body. Playing with the intensity and inclination of the treadmill will allow us to make more complete and fun sessions.

Although if a gym machine stands out as the most complete, this is undoubtedly the elliptical. The miraculous recipe to which many come on their way to a better physical appearance. The elliptical is very effective both for the ability to work at high intensities and to ensure high calorie burning as it is one of the few sports that works practically with the whole body. With the elliptical without realizing we will be working all muscle groups so it becomes the ideal machine to tone the entire body.

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