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Recycling Molding Process of Sand Casting

Sand casting is the most broadly utilized metal casting process representing a noteworthy level of the total cast in weight. During the Sand Casting process, the material is warmed at a proper temperature to liquefy and sometimes treated to change the chemical composition to accomplish the required material properties. At that point, the liquid metal is filled into a mold which has the ideal shape cavity to chill off and solidify.

There are several industries in the world that make use of the process of casting for creating their products, however unique they may be. As we move into the world of technology and accelerate our pace further inwards, industries today have changed their ways and techniques of creating their products. Today, there is a section of casting companies called a sand casting company that makes use of sand as a part of the casting process. Let us take a detailed look into the process involved in sand casting.

Process of Sand Casting

The sand casting process in the Sand Casting Company and Industry is a well detailed and step-by-step process whose primary concern is not wastes anything. Since sand is the primary material in their processes, huge volumes of sand are required which are continuously used and reused after conditioning. The sand that falls off the castings that have been completed are recollected and then recycled so as to reuse it in future processes. In this way, the sand is maintained and there is hardly any wastage produced in the casting process. According to resources, the sand that is used in the process is recycled and more than 800,000 tons of sand is used and reused in the sand casting industries.

Molding the sand is catered to some specifications. All the sand available in the different parts of the world is not the same as they have different compositions, structures, and sizes. Thus, a uniform property cannot be expected from them. This opens another probability to create custom properties by consolidating various measure of sand for a particular necessity.

Different Types of Sand

As per their utilization, the Sand in Molding process is divided into following Seven Types:

  • Dry Sand
  • Facing Sand
  • Green Sand
  • Parting Sand
  • Core Sand
  • Loam Sand
  • Backing Sand

Use, Recycle and Reuse!

Like every other material, and also has a particular time period until when it can be used. The portion of sand, that cannot be reused any more for creating a good quality iron casting, does not necessarily have to be dumped at a landfill. Since more than 70 percent of the sand is used recycled every year, this sand also can be used for other purposes. This portion of the sand can be used for the construction of roads, and other types of constructions such as that of buildings, it can also be used for agricultural purposes and at geotechnical fills.

As per studies, it has been found that sands that have been used in the molding process can be used for other purposes where the loss of ignition is beneficial. It drops to almost 40% in cycle 1 and 50% in cycle 5. This percentage indicates that there is a significant scope of recycling the sand and use it in other industries like road construction and not in the landfill. The strength of the sand used in foundries increases by 1.5 times to 3 times depending on the cycles and the recyclable sand cuts down the operating and construction cost to a great extent as well as saves the environment.

All these creative ways of using up the ‘spent’ and can be made use of in order to keep them away from landfills and also reduces the need for mining out new materials out of the ground. Reduce the wastage and increase the efficient use of the materials that are already present so as to minimize damage to the Earth. All the advancements in the technological world must be made by keeping in mind always that there must be someone in the world in the future to appreciate and value the work being done. Reusing and recycling should become the major concern and that is what these sand casting industries teach us.

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