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Reduce Harmful Effects of Cell Phones on Kids | Digital parenting

Hey, are you concerned about your adolescent’s bad habit of constantly using cell phones?

Is your face turning red and eyes becoming wider when kids disobey your summon?

Probably the answers of the above questions would be yes!

On one hand, technology facilitates the world at ease, but it also destroys, on the other hand. The invention of the smartphone is a boon, yet, it may turn into a curse if not used thoughtfully. 

As kids are continuously equipped with gadgets, they had disappeared into their online lives. – A wake-up call! 

Loneliness and depression are the basic harmful effects of cell phones on kids. 

So, how to reduce the harmful effects of cellphone on kids? – using digital parenting app.

What is digital parenting app?

Also referred as parental control app, it is the most powerful means to monitor teen’s online tasks. 

You can check your kid’s web exposure, pages they are viewing, social media penetration and alike jobs. It helps in mitigating the risk of mobile addiction.

Digital parenting app protects teens from the hazardous effects of cell phone overuse.

Before digging deeper on the steps of reducing the harmful effects, first, let us take a glance on the types of adversity due to cell phones.

Types of unhealthy effects of cellphone on kids:

  • Unsafe Pedestrian behaviour:  Children who continuously look into the phone, do not check both the lanes while crossing the road. While responding to messages and calls, chances of accidents increases. Such behaviour can put teens in a crucial situation.
  • Sexting: The term refers to forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images mostly in mobile phones or in any digital device. Unknowingly, adolescents get trapped and feel awkward if they are abused.

In case of being a victim, the child may not share things with you and remain frightened.

  • Cyber Harassment: For seeking pleasure, a person bullies (typically) teens on the digital platform. Harmful threats of online bullying include posting rumours, leaking victim’s personal information, sexual remarks and alike activities.

Victim children feel scared, frustrated and depressed. With repetitive actions on teens, cyber harassment also results in suicidal cases.

To protect your kids from negative scenarios, let us help you to gain insights on how to reduce the harmful effects of smartphones using digital parenting app.

How to reduce the harmful effects of cellphone on kids?

  • Remove the unnecessary applications: Incomparable features of digital parenting app allow you to jam the unwanted software. Calls and Apps Blocker tool enables you to keep your kids away from unnecessary applications and spam callers.
  • Organise timings to use the gadget: Define the specific hours to invest in online tasks. Parental control app provides scope to set the boundary to curtail the excessive usage of phones.

Children can get access to use the apps within a determined time frame, which results in good habits and fosters time management skills.

  • Take control of the teen’s phone: With certain unique features of a parental control app, you can take complete control over kid’s mobile. It allows your child to see only those apps that you permit, which means, a dashboard will show your selected applications in kid’s mobile screen.
  • Controls the rash driving: GPS enabled speed limit tool of parental control software tracks the speed of your teen’s vehicle. It will send the notification if the child increases the pace. This feature restricts children from rash driving, and they will remain vigilant.

Other tactics:

  1. Disallow use of cellphones during sleeping hours and family time. 
  2. Exchange ideas and thoughts to cultivate an interest in the exciting topics. 
  3. Ask kids to share their routines and every minute details with you regarding online activities.
  4. Talk to children about the adverse effects of cell phone addiction and educate them with facts and figures.

Various news are on air to raise awareness amongst parents and adolescents on cell phone’s side effects – defining facts and figures.

“According to the news shared in Newsweek By Kate Sheridan on 2/23/18 AT 7:30 AM EST,.Shocking facts: Only 8% of the parents from the survey of 1000 are “extremely” concerned about the potential impact of devices; which means its a wake-up call for parents! Don’t avoid mobile obsession disease, or else it will eat up your child’s brain!”


Bring that time back where children were engaged with family and church, and their non-stop chats at meals by simply adopting digital parenting app.

Click on the best digital parenting app – Bit Guardian Parental Control App. Install it now!

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