Salesforce CRM A Perfect Mobile Friendly Solution


Mobile devices have become an inseparable part of almost everyone’s life. Moreover nowadays the business organizations are adopting CRM platforms for their organizational operations and better customer relationship platforms. Salesforce CRM provides a cloud based and mobile friendly platform to the user and due to its technical capabilities; it is being adopted by a number of business organizations. The websites built before 2007 were not mobile friendly and he mobile devices were also not that much popular, but today maximum number of websites are accessed through mobile devices, in comparison to desktop and for the same reason, it has become important to have a mobile friendly CRM platform as well.

Through a customized and properly implemented CRM, like CRM user can get the better workflow, content and improved customer relationship management facility, due to which you can provide customer centric service and improve the market reputation. Even in a short span of time the better technical support can make you capable to provide completely user friendly service and the path to attain the long term or short term business goals.

A few of the mostly used and mobile friendly fetaures of Salesforce CRM are listed under:

  • 1) Salesforce Lightning Components

Salesforce Lightning framework can be used to develop the dynamic, responsive and mobile friendly Salesforce web apps. It is available for Salesforce Classic and Lightening Experience. Mobile friendly and template based CRM apps can be developed through Salesforce Lightning and the employees of the organization; can use it using their mobile devices as well. Lightning component framework are developed using JavaScript and are optimized for Mobile and Desktop both.

  • 2) Salesforce Lightning Design System

Through Lightning design system Salesforce administrator and developer can develop Lightning apps and components for their organizational business operations. You can get the free access of UI library to develop the Lightning components. Having the knowledge of HTMl and CSS is enough to learn Lightning Design System and the user can develop mobile and desktop friendly Salesforce apps, which they can use to execute their organizational operations smoothly.

  • 3) Salesforce Communities:

Getting the customized Salesforce communities can provide the user a platform to contact other Salesforce developers, customers and the organizational employees all. The communities or a social platform can be of much importance for the users, if they want to get connected with their customers and employees through a single platform, then Salesforce Community is the platform, which can provide the facility to get connected with anyone and respond to the user’s queries as well. Using Salesforce Lightning Experience and Design System the mobile and desktop friendly Salesforce communities can be developed by any experienced Salesforce developer.

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