Significance Of Mobile Plant Risk Assessment

Risk Management
Significance Of Mobile Plant Risk Assessment

The mobile plant is a major cause of workplace incidents and so, you need to protect your employees by executing a mobile plant risk management system. Some of the important features of a mobile plant are its mobility in combination with the level of the experience and skills of the operator, particulars of the environment of the workplace, the presence of people at a workplace and maintenance requirements related to mobile plant risk assessment.

There are various well renowned private companies that help the clients for mobile plant risk assessment and get the clearance. If you run the business of mobile plants, you need to get the clearance certificate from the Government. In this case, you should submit all precautions or safety management reports to the Government to get the certificate or license. Therefore, you must hire a mobile plant risk assessment service and they can help you maintain the safety of your plants.

Mobile Plant Risk Assessment
Mobile Plant Risk Assessment
Mobile Plant Risk Assessment

Any machinery, tool, equipment, appliance, any fittings and components of the equipment are considered as a plant. There are several types of mobile plant used in several industries – manufacturing, mining, construction, transport and storage, agriculture, fishing, forestry and many more. Some mobile plants that can be used for several purposes such as: a plant which is used to lift or move materials like forklifts, dumpers, cranes, elevating work platforms and lots more, earth movers like bulldozer, draglines, backhoes etc and tractors.

The work health and safety regulation regulates the registration of the mobile plant, operation standards and licensing of the high-risk plant operation. The mobile plant is concerned with the risk to the health and safety of both operators and the other workmen working on the site. So, it is essential to understand the mobile plant risk assessment and standard operating procedures to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. There are workers of the PBCU and the people are perfectly able to use and share the workplace in case of the trades, the delivery and the drivers and things are applicable to the visitors and to the workplace too.

 Risk Factors and Injuries Related With Mobile Plant Risk Assessment

The mobility of the mobile plant is its most essential characteristics which present a fundamental workplace hazard. The most common causes of the mobile plant related incidents can be classified into below-mentioned categories:

Work Organization

  • Lack of or improper supervision
  • Miscommunication or fail to communicate
  • Poor planning and design of workplace, tasks or the plant itself
  • Time pressure


  • Poor selection of mobile plant
  • Lack of control measures
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Manufacturing faults
  • Environmental factors like terrain
  • Design faults


  • Lack of training in using the plant, operating and maintaining it
  • Lack of knowledge or experience with the working of the plant
  • Unauthorized access
  • Lapses in the concentration by the plant operator

Identification of Hazards

Some of the big hazards found in workplaces include:

  • Mechanical: A person getting hit by the plant or its projected parts
  • Noise: Contact with the vibrating plant and its tools
  • Manual Handling: Handling of unstable and heavy loads 
  • Chemical Substances: Inhalation of chemical substances
  • Gravitational: You can fall from height or work under a suspended load. 

Mobile Plant Risk Assessment
Mobile Plant Risk Assessment
Mobile Plant Risk Assessment


Identifying the plant location is the perfect option of mobile plant risk assessment. It is necessary for identifying the potential collision zones with the people, the plant and the rest of the objects. If possible, one must eliminate the risk at best this can be performed with the designing of the workplace layout to separate the vehicles and the pedestrians based on plant risk management. Make sure that you have a handy list of work and assessment which will just simplify your task and the same time will allow you to thoroughly inspect the plant yourself. The mobile plant risk assessment comprises identifying the severity of the hazard, compliance level of the business operator and the probability of such risks in the future. Therefore, only satisfactory observation work permits are issued after a complete mobile plant risk assessment is achieved. These days, mobile plant risk measurement agencies are on the rise because of the increased demand. Owners have realized that being cautious is better than spending massive amounts later for the losses you have faced due to the mishaps and accidents. This way, you ensure the safety and security in your mobile plant.