Tag Heuer Watches And Their Romantic Affair With Racing


Tag Heuer is a very popular name in the watchmaking world. Along with being popular, it is also known for its overpriced quartz powered watches that definitely have added fuel to fire. But Tag Heuer has never been known to follow the herd. Making their own way in the luxury watch business is more like their style. With collections like Formula 1, Carrera, and the Aquaracer, Tag Heuer has become synonymous with motorsports, be it in land or water. Heuer’s reputation as a sports-centric timepiece manufacturer has earned it a lot of praise over the course of years. And that is something that the brand cherishes even today as it rallies its way all across the luxury watch market.

Early Accomplishments

The First World War had just begun and Tag Heuer was already offering the buyers with sports chronographs that could keep time at 1/100th of a second. That kind of accomplishment is not only noteworthy but also quite exceptional. At that time, it was termed as splitting the horological atom. It was obviously a huge achievement that also got the then called ‘Heuer Watches’ a reputation for precision and technological advancement. The cherry on the cake was the arrival of Jack Heuer at the throne of the watch brand to make sure of its survival and ultimately seal its legacy as a sports-oriented watch manufacturer. Tag Heuer watches for women and men are today, one of the most recognized names in the horology world. Some of these watch families will be discussed in detail.

Tag Heuer Autavia

This is by far the most elegant as well as classy watches that Tag Heuer has launched with its moniker on the dial. It was released in 1962 and even today, the watch cherishes its reputation as a heritage piece. Initially, when the Autavia was launched, it came fitted with a manually wound Valjoux movement. The dial was iconic as it formed a classic ‘V-shaped’ pattern along with the three subdials.

Eventually, in 2003, the brand re-released a newer modified version of the watch that once again struck the right chords with the audience it was trying to focus on. The latest version of the Autavia Isograph launched in the Basel World 2019 is another fine example of the finesse that this timepiece exudes.

Tag Heuer Carrera

The Carrera was an inspiration from the Mexican races that used to take place in the streets of Mexico. The idea was to provide racers with a device which helped them to keep time in a restricted environment with particular time constraints. The Tag Heuer Carrera collection carries with it the pride of Tag Heuer’s technological prowess, the oscillating pinion. The pinion is a patent that belongs to Heuer since 1887. It could be said that the entire heritage of chronograph watches owes its existence to this age-old Heuer invention.

The collection was first released in 1963 and needless to say, it was a hit. The watches in the family are powered by the so-called in-house manufactured 1887 calibre. However, there have been revelations that the 1887 calibre is a slight modification of an outsourced movement. Nonetheless, it is for sure that the Tag Heuer Carrera is one of the crown jewels of the Swiss watchmaker.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

The Formula 1 series is known for its dynamism and up to date looks. The watch takes designs cues from the world-renowned circuit racing sport. The model represents the strong connection between the watch brand and the world of motorsports, and that too quite brilliantly. The poster child of the Formula 1 family is the Chronograph Calibre 16.

The watch resonates vibes that are identical to the innards of a Formula 1 racing car. If that wasn’t enough to impress enthusiasts, then the timepiece’s technical specifications such as sapphire crystal glass, water resistance of 200 meters, and the inclusion of the tachymeter will definitely do the job.

This concludes the Swiss watchmaker’s armada of watches that revolve around the motorsport concept. There were many other worthy references such as Monaco and Aquaracer that also find their inspiration amidst the smell of burnt rubber and engine oil. Carrera and Formula 1 are the Famous collection of Tag Heuer watch brand.