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The Best GPS Applications for Smartphone

The everyday use of smartphones is well established, these objects replace all our other gadgets and combines many features in one device. If we strongly advise against using your smartphone while driving, we recommend that you program it before you go as a GPS! It is now possible to install a smartphone GPS application to easily find its way. On foot, by car, by public transport or even by bike, these applications quickly give you the best route to reach your destination. If you want to know the best smartphone GPS app, keep reading!

We all know Apple Plan or Google Maps, which are automatically integrated into smartphones, which are GPS devices that work with the Internet connection of your location. But what are the alternatives to these applications that do not require an internet connection?

First of all, here we think the most important features to have in a smartphone GPS application:

  • Fast route calculation with travel time and distance.
  • Information on traffic and traffic conditions in real time.
  • Warning of disturbances or areas of control.
  • Voice guide.

Here Is Our Selection of the Best GPS Applications for Your Phone:


Waze is a GPS application for smartphone essential to calculate his route simply. The application proposes a cartography modifiable by its users according to the conditions of circulation in real time. Of course, you can calculate your route and your travel time to reach your destination. Waze is also appreciated for its adaptation to the traffic which allows you to avoid the zones of slowdown, the traffic jams or the accidents by automatically calculating a new route.

What makes Waze so strong is its community and its collaborative aspect! All the users of the application are actors of its development and contribute to its improvement. Maps are editable by users, you can even be notified of police checks, radar zones, changes of place names or the cheapest gas station on your route.

Finally, Waze is of course a GPS application for smartphone usable for free without internet connection, you just need to download the maps to use them anywhere. The little bonus? You can share your itinerary with your contacts or by mail!


Here is a free mapping application that can be used offline by downloading the maps that interest you. Here We Go offers many interesting features. This smartphone GPS app allows you to calculate journeys on foot, by car or by public transport in order to have complete information for all possible alternatives. The application also allows you to share your location on your social networks or SMS to inform your loved ones where you are. Here We Go provides information on traffic, danger zones, slowdowns and even weather conditions! You can view the map with a 3D view for better visibility of the route and a better understanding of the area in which you are.


Sygic is another handy smartphone GPS application. Downloadable free of charge, we prefer to warn you that after 7 days, it will pay to be able to use all the features without problem. Nevertheless, once purchased, the application works very well offline and you can download the cards of your choice thereafter. In addition, your downloaded maps will be updated free of charge.

This smartphone GPS app gives you the best route to get to your destination and also provides important traffic information such as traffic jams and the presence of speed cameras. You can be guided by voice instructions to stay focused on the road. One of the features of the app also allows you to have a broader view of where you are in order to find the shops, restaurants or other services nearby.

The big highlight of Sygic is the quality of the 3D display. The map is readable in 3D and the buildings are modeled, it is a very big advantage for driving safety. This saves you from looking at your phone screen too long and not paying attention to the road. In a single look, you understand which traffic lane you are in and where you need to go. It is also possible to zoom in on the screen to see even more details on the map. Sygic is a GPS application for a very complete smartphone, for sure, but driving safety is priceless!

These GPS apps help you travel better, but do you only know which destination to choose for your vacation this summer? We are also here to help you, read our article on the 3 best destinations for the holidays and enjoy the summer GPS application for smartphone!

You now have the keys to never lose yourself and facilitate all your trips with your smartphone. Remember to properly protect your phone so you can use it for as long as possible, because even if GPS applications are free or inexpensive, repairing the phone is very expensive. Create your own custom shell yourself now!

We have just presented the 3 best GPS applications for your mobile phone that we have chosen. Do not hesitate to test them to find out which one fits you best and explain us in the comments which GPS application for smartphones you like the most. Tell us your opinion about these applications in the comments and if you know another good GPS application for smartphone, share it with us!

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