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The Best Way to Control Bugs in your Home

Bugs can prove to be an issue for individuals and families within their own homes. At particular times of the year, usually, when the weather is at its warmest, the number of bugs invading our homes can increase greatly. Luckily there are actions we can take to try and control the bugs that want to share your home.

First of all, you need to lessen the chance of bugs being able to enter your home in the first place. This will involve sealing up any cracks and openings that you can find. It is a good idea to devote some time with a thorough search.

A big one, remember to clean up and sweep up, often. Keep food crumbs off your kitchen work surfaces or any other areas. If you do have a spillage of any food or drink, clean up immediately. Do not leave as you may forget to clean the area, and by that time bugs may have already arrived. Make sure to empty your bins regularly too, as bugs will be attracted by any food and drink packaging and any discarded foodstuff. Keep your sinks clean, both the bathroom and kitchen ones. It is also a good idea to keep your sink drains clean, as drain flies can live in them, then fly up into your home in search of food. Be careful how you store things like books, magazines and newspapers, they can attract bugs if just in piles, magazines and newspapers may be better stored in plastic containers.

Don’t forget it is not just the inside of the house to consider but the surrounding areas too. Keep your garden free from rubbish and dispose of any rotting or molding items such as wood or other materials. Creatures such as silverfish, springtails, and house centipedes like to hang out in damp places, so keep an eye out for anywhere they may have attached themselves too. Although damp conditions cannot be avoided if it is down to the weather, you can lessen the chances of your garden having damp spaces. For example, if you find any leaky faucets, drains or pipes, get those fixed asap. Check regularly that the inside of your house is dry too, check all rooms, remembering also an attic or loft if you have one, as they can often be the cause of damp.

It is wise to place any compost bins and other bagged garden waste collections as far away from the house as you can, as bugs tend to hide out in these. Try to scale down weeds, especially those around the outside of the house, as well as other plan debris, as then can house insects also. Another tip is to prune plant branches from the foundation of your house.

Now, another trick to keep the bugs at bay, is to create a barrier that they cannot cross There are some effective products that can be brought to spray on your landscape beds and areas around your house that will prevent any bugs making it indoors. Inside the house, if bugs are already present, there are products to use around windows, doors and on non-porous surfaces. Be careful to find products that are quality and will not cause you or your family any harmful side effects, and make sure to use in the recommended ways only.

Research some DIY methods for keeping the bugs from your home.  Although there are some good products sold in your average store, there are also some homemade ways that are worth looking into that can be just as, or sometimes more, effective. Furthermore, you can save money in these ways, they often may just require items you have around the house anyway. Plus, some people will prefer to not actually kill any bugs, so will look at the alternatives.

One other point to mention that is important, especially as the weather gets warmer and bugs such as flies and wasps increase their presence, is to make sure you are not leaving foodstuffs out that will attract the critters. You do not want to encourage the bugs, and you do not want to get ill from them having attacked your food, so make sure all food is being stored away in its relevant place and not being left out of storage. It does not take long for bugs to take an opportunity!

If you’re living in Dubai, you might be facing pest control issues very frequently on your home. Hiring pest control companies in Dubai could be the best choice if you couldn’t able to control pests yourself on your home. Those companies will have the experienced staffs who will treat it carefully with all preventions with minimal disturbance to you and your family.

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