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The Little Known Secrets of Pay Per Click Marketing

There is a generalized notion that everything is free on the Internet. While that may be accurate when it pertains to searching for who hit the victorious shot in game three of the 1947 NBA championship, it is not the case when it comes to marketing your business on the Internet. Although using free marketing strategies is a splendid way to promote your business ideas on the Internet, in today’s business world you have to spend funds if you indeed want people to notice what you have to offer.

One of the best forms of paid marketing strategies over the last decade that almost didn’t make it because of fraud in the early days is the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategy. In spite its chaotic start, PPC marketing has developed into the number one revenue source for many of the world’s leading search engines. According to eMarketer, Google in 2009 generated over $22 billion worldwide in PPC profits, in addition to over 37 billion clicks at an average rate of $.60 cost-per-click (CPC). Looking at these staggering numbers, it is easy to see why PPC marketing ought to become a foremost marketing strategy for any serious online marketer.

Not only are the search engines capitalizing on this budding trend, but advertisers as well. It is now reported that nearly half of online marketer’s budgets ($11 billion) is directed towards PPC marketing in 2009.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

In a nutshell, a Pay Per Click ad is a small four line ad consisting of a headline, two short descriptive lines of text and a URL. Although a PPC ad is somewhat basic in design, it still remains one of the most powerful forms of advertising on the Internet because of its capability to target a particular niche market.

Pay Per Click marketing is a form of online marketing where visitors are directed to an advertised website after clicking on an advertisement hosted on a search engine website. In return, the advertiser pays the search engine for a click to the advertised website on a per-click basis.

Each click charge can vary from a few cents to several dollars depending on a number of factors. Such factors being the particular search engine chosen to advertise on, the type of keyword and phrases used and the level of bid competition for keywords and phrases all play a important role in determining the overall cost per click (CPC) for your marketing promotion.


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What Are The advantages Of Pay Per Click Marketing ?

There are many reasons why you should earnestly look into using the Pay Per Click marketing strategy as a method to promote your business. However, there are three key reasons why you should think about using this strategy.

The first foremost reason why you should consider PPC marketing is its ability to guarantee a first page position on the search engines. While it generally takes months before any website to move up the search engine rankings to a first page position, with PPC marketing you can literally have your website noticed on the first page within minutes after you have created your PPC marketing campaign. This could potentially allow you to double or triple your traffic and sales within minutes instead of months.

Another huge reason why you should consider using PPC as a marketing method for your business is because it allows you to strategically target the right audience for your products and services. Pay Per Click advertising is proven to be one of the best ever ways to direct traffic to your website. If you pick your keywords and phrases appropriately, when possible prospects search the search engines for your keywords and phrases, your opportunity will be right in front of them to see what you have to offer.

The most central reason why you should use Pay per Click advertising is because it gives you on the spot brand awareness. Thousands of prospects search the Internet daily for unique keywords and phrases. If you are using Pay per Click advertising, possible prospects have the increased chance to see your ad many times when they search for your keywords and phrases. More significantly, even if they don’t click on your ad you are still branding yourself because each time that the likely prospect search for your keywords they will see your ad and notice that you are the go-to source for that keyword to get more information. As a result, you are further branding yourself in the prospects mind and a person that they might want to do business with.

How Can You Get Started In Pay Per Click Marketing ?

You now have a general idea of how Pay Per Click advertising works and how it can benefit your marketing efforts. The only lingering question is, “How do you get started?” For most people getting started for the first time can be a frightening experience because if you don’t know what you are doing you can lose your shirt trying to figure everything out. However, if you are sincere about Pay Per Click advertising, you can succeed every time if you know how to play the game. So it really comes down to two choices. You can try to learn all of this Pay Per Click business by yourself and crash miserably or you can learn from someone who will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step the methods that get results fast. If you are smart you would choose the latter.

Fortunately for network marketers entering the Pay Per Click world for the first time you have an advantage that most people don’t have. Mike Dillard and Google AdWords expert Jim Yaghi have teamed up with each other to create the most powerful video training course in the network marketing industry for Pay Per Click marketing strategies. If you are serious about learning how to have your Pay Per Click marketing efforts skyrocket to another dimension, you should get your copy of Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi, “Pay Per Click Domination.”

If you are building your network marketing business on the Internet, Pay Per Click marketing strategies is the way to go. You can expect this trend to continue because it is such a dominant way to get your opportunity in front of a large audience in a short period of time. But you have learn how to play the game if you are going to become successful.


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